This Retailer’s Latest Campaign May Lead To Its Demise

There are countless memes, Internet jokes, and social media buzz about the retailer, Target, and its appeal to women.

It seems as if every mom in America looks at Target stores as their “happy place”, with its reasonably priced line of products created by talented designers, where you can buy a classy outfit, unique home products, and diapers all in the same trip.

But in the last few years, Target has been alienating a demographic that is its core base — middle-aged women, most with homes and children and crazy schedules that make them love a higher-end, one-stop-shop.

First, Target introduced its “transgender” bathroom policy, allowing men who identify as women to freely use women’s restrooms and changing rooms.

Then Target Corporation decided to remove gender-specific signage from within its departments — particularly in children’s clothing and toys — sparking outrage from traditional moms.

And now Target has released another liberal “in your face” campaign — Target “Pride” — a new line of clothing and accessories supporting the LGBT community.

When Target announced its transgender bathroom policy, they lost approximately $15 million in revenue due to the boycott of the store by traditional American families.

The company issued a statement of support for the LGBT community, saying, “We welcome transgender team members and [customer] guests to use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity.”

American families were rightfully outraged, and many have not returned to the stores since.

With their latest campaign, Target seems to be telling the traditional American family — and one of its core demographics, the American mother — that they don’t care what conservative parents think.

Progressives, feminists, and everyone in between seem to be all that Target cares about.

But this new campaign may really backfire as families steer their children clear of the aisles of rainbow-adorned products which may appeal to them — but that they do not understand the meaning behind.

LifeSite News reports:

The retailer is merchandising the gay agenda for the second year in a row, with rainbow-adorned shirts, pants, shorts, swim trunks, iPhone cases, and other items honoring Gay “Pride Month” in June.

The gay-affirming merchandise is accompanied by a promotional flyer with the promise: “For each PRIDE item sold, Target will donate 50 percent of the purchase price to GLSEN (the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network).”

Target’s “Take Pride” promotional campaign follows a controversial transgender bathroom policy allowing men to use women’s restrooms, changing rooms, intimate facilities, and vice versa. The corporate giant also eliminated all gender references in its toy and bedding departments, taking down “boys” and “girls” signs to support gender fluidity.  

The new line includes every product imaginable, all covered in rainbows — and includes stuffed unicorns and other items that appeal to children.

Not only is this new campaign promoting the homosexual agenda to consumers, but it seems to intentionally be “targeting” children to accept alternative lifestyles as commonplace in today’s culture.

And Target’s own website shows its “Pride” in this new product line:

Those are the powerful words we at Target want all guests and team members — of every size, color, gender and sexual orientation — to hear as we head into Pride month this week. But let us be clear: to Target, pride doesn’t just start and end in June, it is a year-round commitment. And this year, we’re going all out, supporting Pride parades, events and merchandise — all grounded by one simple but powerful manifesto: “We’re not born with pride, we take pride.”

This latest campaign may thrill the left, but it may be the final nail in the coffin for the retail giant, who really doesn’t seem to understand who their everyday products appeal to.

Family organizations are already calling for another boycott of the retailer.

Target has not yet regained the losses sustained by its transgender bathroom policies, and it would be serving if their “pride” leads to their final demise.




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  1. i love it. Soccer Moms kill Target. That of course will be the lefts head line. A true headline would be that Target has comitted suicide and has just taken a long time to die. Watch for Meijers to take their place. It has good clothing choices and toys. Not to mention that it has a superior grocery line to anyone. And they call men – men and women – women and have no problems doing so.

    • Love places like you are describing! I just wish they weren’t so few and far between and I am fed up with having the Lefts agendas shoved down our throats while they go on witch hunts for all of the traditionally moral small business owners who refuse to be bullied into serving customers based on beliefs that are not even as discriminating as those signs I have seen at least a hundred times in many different businesses which say “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone”! The judges who ruled to take away these peoples businesses forgot the simple fact that just because you provide a service, doesn’t mean you have to provide that service to everyone. Am I gonna sue the plumber who couldn’t come fix my tub? I don’t think so. I just called another one. I’m pretty sure the other one was just busy, but since I’m not a lesbian, wondering why people Reject or say No to me, is NOT Always in the forefront of my mind. That’s the issue here in spades! Sorry, I went on a bit of a rant there!! Lol 🙂

      • Don’t be sorry, it was a great rant. too bad more people aren’t willing to stand up and say what they feel. I support everything you ranted about.

        • Thanks, I really forgot that there are people who feel like I do out there! It is just really nice to find you all! Smiley Face!!

      • That wasn’t a rant, it needed to be said. “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone”! Is another way of saying “So I go out of business, I’m really not fit for it anyway.”

        • mustangsallyann says:

          How wrong you are. Many frequent businesses because they stand for something regardless of the consequences. In fact, many will shop with them just because they’ve been targeted by ungodly people. But here’s the most important reason to have God as your guide and if allowing it, He’ll make certain you succeed. When obedient to the word of God, He blesses you more than one can imagine. He will provide more than one can contain. Only non believer’s are clueless to that fact. Look at Hobby Lobby. The more of a target they became, the more money that poured in. The same has been true for my own family. When you bless others, He will richly bless you. Those that know God know that there’s no better way to succeed, than to have Him as your guide and manager.

      • mustangsallyann says:

        Thankfully Trump has put a stop to all businesses becoming a target for no other reason than their obedience to God. It was time to put a stop to some of the religious persecution and before all’s said and done, I pray it’s stopped completely. Like you, if I’ve a problem I just go elsewhere. I’d never destroy the livelihood of anyone just because of our religious differences. Lib’s can be some very hateful people and don’t think twice about diving as low as they can. What a miserable existence that must be.

        • No kidding, I prefer to spend what little free time I do have in the company of Moral people without agendas! I really do think these Libtard Socialists spend all their time looking for someone to blame for their constant miserable state of mind and unhappy lives. I could hold up a mirror, but I don’t believe for one minute that any of them would begin to understand what I am trying to tell them! You know, you can only lead the horse to water… Lol. I still pray for them. Sometimes it’s all you can do.

    • mustangsallyann says:

      Soccer mom’s rule when it comes to finding good quality bargain’s. To bad for Target, they’ve obviously forgotten that. I just can’t believe shareholders have put up with the management now in place.

      As far as Meijers, we’ve never heard of them. But with your endorsement, we’ll be happy to give them a shot if they open up anywhere close to our location. :o)

      • Target has left is good Traditions from the Dayton Corp. that started here in Michigan to. And where is your location??? 🙂

        • Mary Jackson says:

          Bradley, Illinois

          • Yep many years ago I went to Grand Valley University and knew the two founders. Fred and Lena. As part of our education we were sent out to try to raise money to expand the University and I was honored to meet and work with them. Lena no longer remembers my name but, knows me all the same for the pipe and tobacco I smoke.

        • mustangsallyann says:

          I’m in Colorado. After looking, I haven’t discovered any of their stores here yet. I look forward to a visit if they expand our way.

          • I lived in Denver for some time. They have groceries at King Sooper prices and are very much like a “Biggs” which I remember was in Westminster near the highway. I think very soon they might well buy out Krogers that at last I knew owned King Soopers.

      • Mary Jackson says:

        Meijer’s is awesome! We shop at one in Indiana when we go to visit my aunt, and we love it. We will be getting one in about a year here in Bradley, Illinois. They are clean, have just about or more than target does, and they don’t push rainbows at us.

  2. Elizabeth Davis says:

    I never went back and never will. they are pushing their bas customers out and will not survive

  3. David Mcdonald says:

    never went back losers

  4. Anti-Unamerican says:

    I use to like Target.
    Not any more. I have morals and family values. Target does NOT !!

  5. Anti-Unamerican says:

    What Mom wants their little boy to be a catcher ??? Not any that I know of. I mean, who wants to have a mentally ill child ??

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if a lib mom gushed over knowing her kid was a catcher.

      • They do and now they are busy coming up with ways to Force it on their children. Canada is busy passing Legislation supporting the agenda to help parents who are pushing minors (under 18) into permanent gender changes via surgery. Those parents should have been sterilized and that countries govt is full of mentally unstable ignoramus. *Just an opinion.

        • You’re very correct Nancy. This issue that could easily have been totally avoided, but Trudeau… They have a “man up” program where men come into a room and’confess their sins and cry, sins like white male dominance, something I don’t believe in. Canada also has double the migrants we do. What an ass-backward country.

  6. goodby target

  7. My ONLY use for Target was to buy printer ink, I’ve found a cheaper place so bye bye. “Those are the powerful words we at Target want all guests and team members — of every size, color, gender and sexual orientation — to hear as we head into Pride month this week. But let us be clear: to Target, pride doesn’t just start and end in June, it is a year-round commitment. And this year, we’re going all out, supporting Pride parades, events and merchandise — all grounded by one simple but powerful manifesto: “We’re not born with pride, we take pride.” This is bullshit, if they were true to their word “every sexual orientation” at last check straight was one. So they’ll go the way of the dodo and liberal, all are losing elections.

  8. DeAnna Burns says:

    Target will most certainly go out of business! Is it just me or has anyone else had problems sharing this article? Wondering if anyone can share this article or is it just my phone?

  9. Peggy Combs Brassfield says:

    Never went back. I love target, but I can’t support their positions. They have forgotten who their customers are.


  11. mustangsallyann says:

    Many of us have been waiting for that final nail in the coffin. Thank you Target, you just gave us exactly what we wanted. We want you gone from our country and are thankful for your willingness to help us. We can’t achieve better than for you to foot the bill and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to save our own money. Bye bye Target, you will not be missed.

  12. Bob Dylan said it best, “you got to serve somebody” unfortunately, who Target is serving is the guy I don’t want to deal with…

  13. Quit shopping their stores and online for well over 3-years. I do not want one dime of my money goig to find things that put children at risk, and the decay of family values and most of all, the defiance to God. Target is not owned by Americans and trying to push their misguided ideals upon Americans is just bad business. If they close their doors, nothing will be missed.

  14. zookeeper216 says:

    I don’t do Target, never have and I never will.

  15. way2confused says:

    Go right ahead Target. You’ll end up with a base of customers that is less than 2% of the population. Good luck with that.

  16. Lorena Ashcroft says:

    #BoycottTarget #NotFamilyFriendly #Anti-Christian

  17. coconuisse says:

    R.I.P. Target…..


  19. I havenot been in a target store since their bathroom ,refuse to even read their ads. Hope their GAY AND TRANSGENDER custermer can support them because I never will

  20. Marketing to their “Target Demographic”?? The soon to be empty stores will provide large “Safe Spaces” and plenty of outdoor parking Lot area for protests too

  21. David VanBockel says:

    What would you expect from the far-left Dayton Family, part of the Minnesota-Blight?

  22. yellowjacket2 says:

    We haven’t set foot in a Target store in nearly three years. And we don’t miss them at all. Target is a French owned company and you need look no further than France to understand why they are be so blind about what the average American expects from a merchant. I hope their $15 million loss turns into a $30 million loss. We can all do a whole lot better without Target, than target can do without us.

  23. Target! You lost my business a long time ago, I will never go to one of your stores again.

  24. No right thinking adult would send their teenaged daughter into a dressing room or public restroom where a guy of any age might walk in at any moment. Probably not your teenaged son – vice versa either as they would either be mortified or like it too much! Denying human nature by thought police does NOT CHANGE HUMAN NATURE. This time in history will be written up as the time when the crazies seemed to have ascendency and be in charge!!! Never will step foot in a Target again – ever! Obviously they are of the ilk that wants to shove their experimental theories down the throats of all. Well let them live with their little niche customers!

  25. I’m confused about Target. It seems like 8-10 years ago, Target was one of the few stores that made a point of displaying “Christmas” decor instead of the “Holiday” that the left was pushing. I was so proud of Target back then. I’m will not shop at any place that tries to push “identity politics” down my throat.

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