This Shocking Case Leads Us To Ask A Deeper Question

The liberal agenda seems to infiltrate every aspect of our culture and becomes more deeply-rooted each day.

And since the Obama administration ushered in the legalization of homosexual marriage and barraged Americans with his transgender agenda, things have only gotten worse.

Now, the left proclaims that no one should have to follow any social norm – and that there is an excuse for any kind of improper, or even criminal, behavior.

LifeSite News reported:

A 38-year-old man accused of sexually assaulting three girls eight and under said in his defense that he is really a “9-year-old trapped in an adult’s body.”

This is apparently what the accused pedophile, Joseph Roman, told police in addition to admitting to some of the crimes.

That’s right – he admitted to sexually abusing at least three innocent young girls, but the left believes his reason is an excuse for leniency.

“Transagism” is the latest in the left’s arsenal of assault against traditional values and beliefs.  Along with transgenderism, transracism, and an array of other created personalities, those who claim to be “transaged” reject who they were created to be by God.

The transaged adopt the persona of a different age, either proclaiming to “be” older or younger than they are.  Yes, they are once again rejecting the biological facts of their identity.

Joseph Roman isn’t the only man to make headlines for declaring himself “transaged.”  A father of seven in Canada abandoned his family to live as a little girl, going so far as to have himself adopted by an older couple who accepts his claims.

He wears little girl’s dresses and says he loves playtime.  He rejects the adult necessity of having a job and responsibilities — most tragically, the responsibility to his innocent children who will never understand his choices.

LifeSite News continued:

Columnist Stella Morabito foresaw “trans-ageism” as the transgender craze kicked off a few years ago, noting age, like sex, is something that is “assigned at birth.”

There is a “total lack of equal protection for those whose self-perception of their age does not match up with the socially constructed date they were assigned at birth,” Morabito wrote.

“Think of the 12-year-old who self-identifies as 19, but is stuck in a middle-school classroom,” she wrote. “Think also of the 58-year-old who knows she is 75 but is ineligible for Social Security, and must suffer loss of benefits in silence.”

“To codify self-perceptions as protected traits requires that the rule of law give way to as many different interpretations of perceptions as there are people perceiving and being perceived.  Such Orwellian distortions of language always serve as recipes for tyranny.”

In the increasingly liberal society in which we live, you can become sick of your adult responsibilities and use the left’s created personas to leave it all behind and be someone different.

Tired of working?  Claim you are a child so someone else will foot the bill for your care.  Or say you are an elderly woman who deserves to collect benefits you didn’t work long enough to earn.

This is the shocking and twisted turn that our nation has taken in recent years.  Rapists and pedophiles like Joseph Roman will not be held accountable for their crimes – but the reason why is ironic.

Transgenderism, transagism, and all the other created personas being adopted nowadays are a form of mental illness, although the left believes it is just the ability to “be who you were meant to be.”

Unfortunately, this type of mental illness will likely be used to help the defense of this pedophile and others like him, even though he admitted to his crimes.

And with these radical progressive views being further embedded within our culture, his claims of being a “child” who did not understand the consequences will likely benefit him during sentencing.

What do you think of this shocking excuse for criminal behavior?  Leave us your thoughts in the comments.


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