This Socialist Initiative To Control the Family Unit May Be Coming To a City Near You

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If there is one factor that we all consider the most important influence in our lives, it is our children – our families – and how God intended us to continue the generations on a foundation of faith.

But traditional marriage, the family unit, and children’s lives have been on the chopping block for years as radical leftists work to forever alter our social and cultural norms.

To this end, one organization is proposing that we “volunteer” for an initiative aimed at preserving our world for future generations – but what they propose would bring devastation.

It’s no secret that the progressive Left has no regard for human life if it infringes on their agenda and their financial bottom line.

We’re moving closer and closer toward the frightening realities of socialism – their version of a “utopian” society in which government grows and disregards our Founders’ guidelines for protecting our personal freedoms.

Abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide, and worse is the status quo for socialist nations in Europe and elsewhere.  They want to eradicate genetic disorders through abortion and end the lives of the ill and infirm to avoid paying for medical care.

They want to choose who lives and who dies.  And now they want us to take a part in their dream – one that has only been adopted throughout history in Communist nations like China.

This initiative is called “One Planet, One Child,” and it is focused on just what the name implies.

The group believes that our population is exploding out of control.  There are not enough resources to sustain us, they say.  There are too many people alive, and they want us to stop having so many children.

The website states their mission is to “alert and educate” the population that the only way to save humanity is to limit its numbers.

“One Planet, One Child” wants all couples to vow they will only have one child in order to “chart a path for human civilization that… enables good lives on a healthy planet,” according to their website.

In fact, the group is spreading this frightening agenda across the U.S. on their website and on billboards in major cities stating, “The most loving gift you can give your first child is to not have another.”

Their mottos are “We Choose One!” and “We Choose Childfree!”  They aim to reduce the population by more than half in the next one hundred years.

Now, there is nothing wrong with couples choosing to have one child.  Some feel that is the best fit for their family.  Others are not physically able to have more due to medical concerns.

But it’s a far cry to advocate for every woman on Earth to only have one child because of their belief that “because each new person added… will have a giant footprint, [and] even though birth rates are already low in the “overdeveloped world,” they need to be even lower in order to speed contraction back to a sustainable population level.”

They believe this “dramatic and voluntary reduction in birth rates” will eradicate poverty, climate change, and species extinction.

They deny they are trying to make the choice for couples, instead insisting they want to “help” us to make more informed decisions, and to do the “most loving thing” we can for the children living in the world today.

But that would just be the beginning.  This initiative would certainly be funded by government grants and taxpayer dollars.

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It would be the next step toward government control over our families.  We already see the effects of too much government interference when it comes to preserving the legality of abortion and indoctrination in our public schools.

“One Planet, One Child” claims this is an ethical decision, but it is one that goes against Biblical teachings, the tenants of our faith, and the very core of our humanity.

Socialism is creeping into our nation while we’re not paying attention.  Our freedoms – the sanctity of our families – are in danger.

There is no greater joy than growing a family of siblings who will be there to support each other when we are no longer here.  There is no greater freedom than that of how we choose to raise our children in order to preserve our values.

There is no greater purpose than that of being a parent.  The dangers of socialism include limiting and eradicating our most basic freedoms and God-designed purpose.

When outside groups and growing government begin to dictate the “when, where, and how” of our time here on this planet, that will truly lead to the extinction of our species.

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