Tips To Help Your Elderly Parents Stay Loved During The Coronavirus

Photo by CDC on Unsplash


One of the saddest effects of the coronavirus pandemic is adult children having to keep distance from their aging parents.

Pictures sweep social media of parents in nursing homes talking to their children through glass windows, others aren’t allowed visitors at all.

It seems so unnatural to avoid physical contact with those we love most, and many people are left feeling discouraged on how to waver these unchartered territories.

And chances are, your children miss their grandparents and are as equally frustrated as you are.

But the good news is, just because you can’t hug your parents right now, doesn’t mean you can’t help them feel loved!

Here are a few things you can do to remind your elderly parents (and any other aging relative) how much you love them.


Make It Visual!

Sure, text messages are nice to get a quick message across, but your parents want to see your shining face.

Make time each night for a video chat with the whole family where you can see each other, pray together, or even have dinner together (over the phone that is)!

Often times your mom just wants to see your face, and see her grandkids having fun.

Sure, she might miss being there, but being able to be part of your day (even from a distance) can help make it feel a little less lonely.


Shopping Needs

Many elderly adults are scared to go out for fear of contracting the coronavirus.

After all, experts claim this population is extremely vulnerable and should stay inside.

If you live close to your parents, offer to do their shopping for them and stock them up on fresh food and paper products.

On the other hand, if mom and dad are in a different state, consider reaching out to a trusted neighbor or help them set up an Instacart service where they can have food delivered directly to their door.

Our parents have taken care of us all these years, now it’s time to take care of them.


Be Patient With Them

Perhaps your elderly parents don’t understand why everyone is being told to stay inside and they are angry at being quarantined.

This could be especially true for adults who suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s – imagine how scary it is for them to have their entire routine disrupted!

You might have to explain several times why you can’t come over for Sunday brunch, or why they can’t visit their grandchildren.

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Isolation can often lead to depression, so it’s critical you make time to keep in touch with all your elderly relatives.

Let them know you love them, and you are praying for them.

And get creative!

If you usually go out to Sunday brunch at a certain restaurant, consider picking up take-out for them and delivering it to them.

You can even do virtual movie nights or play board games over the phone!

Most important, they want to know you haven’t forgotten about them during this time, so make sure you are finding time to check on those who are trapped inside.

And even though they may not tell you, they worry about you too!

Knowing that you are happy and well and seeing your faces via video chat can help put their mind at ease.

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