Top 10 Things Your Children Need To Hear

Words have the power to give life or destroy it.

Children are innocent and impressionable, and their brains soak up and internalize the words they hear.

By saying these 10 simple phrases to your children, you will plant the seeds of love and truth, and teach them values they can carry with them into adulthood.

Here are 10 phrases your children need to hear:

  1. “I Love You”: Your child should hear this phrase every day. In a cruel world, let your child know you love them. Over and over. If a child knows they are loved, they will begin to develop safe and healthy relationship skills with others, because you are teaching them how to love unconditionally.
  2. “I’m Sorry”: You will make mistakes, and that’s okay. If you say something hurtful to your child or lose your cool, tell them you’re sorry. Not only are you extending a sincere apology, you are teaching your children how to accept responsibility and develop conflict resolution skills.
  3. “Tell Me More”: This simple phrase teaches your children to share their thoughts and ideas with you. It demonstrates you listen, and you care. Your child might be developing a new passion, hobby, or interest, and by encouraging your child to share, you are showing support for who they are, and letting them know they matter.
  4. “I Forgive You”: Children will mess up too. When they say their sorry, let them know you forgive them. This will reinforce that your child doesn’t have to carry around guilt and shame and instead teach them if they confess their mistakes, you are willing to forgive them, and not hold resentment or a grudge.
  5. “Let’s Get Up And Move Around”: Don’t be one of those parents who allows their child to stay glued to the TV screen, please. Children need to learn good exercise habits at a young age. By encouraging your child to get up and move around, you are demonstrating the importance of physical activity. Make it fun! Teach them at an early age exercise doesn’t have to be a tedious, dreadful task.
  6. “I’m Proud Of You”: At the end of the day, all children want to do is make their parents proud. Their self-esteems are still forming, as they begin to develop personality and character traits. Notice they excel at a particular skill? Tell them you are proud. It could be anything from ballet dancing to basketball. Take the time to cultivate and encourage your children to use their talents to impact the world.
  7. “Let’s Save This Money”: Show your child the importance of being fiscally responsible at a young age. If they receive an allowance or a gift-card from a relative, teach them they don’t have to spend it right away. If there is a toy they really want, explain to them the concept of saving, instead of foolishly letting money burn a hole in their pocket.
  8. “Be Kind To Others”: Kids can be mean. Teach your child to set an example in the classroom, and be kind to other children. Whether it’s saying hi to someone in passing, or inviting another child to sit with them at the lunch table.
  9. “It’s Your Choice”: If you teach your children personal responsibility at a young age, and empower them to make healthy decisions, you are setting them up for success. This is also a good opportunity to teach them consequences. For example, if your child wants to play outside, but hasn’t finished their homework yet, let your child know homework is due before bedtime, and they can’t play outside until it’s finished. If they are eager to play outside, they will make the choice to finish their homework. However, if they rebel and don’t want to do their homework before it gets too dark to play outside, that’s still their choice, but now they have to experience the consequences.
  10. “No”: Children need boundaries. Period. If you say “yes” to all their requests, you will set them up for failure later in life. If they ask for ice-cream for breakfast, tell them no, but use it as a moment to teach them by explaining how important it is for them to have the proper nutrients to start the day off right. If they ask to go someplace without adult supervision, tell them no, and explain how much you love them, and want to make sure they are safe and supervised properly.

Parents, children model everything you say and do, and your words will have an impact on their lives. You can truly set up your child for success by using these simple 10 phrases in your communication.

By building up your child to be confident, yet kind, and teaching them social and emotional developmental skills, you are investing in their future-self.

Do you have a favorite phrase you tell your child each day?

What do you think all children need to hear?

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