Top 10 Ways To Prepare For Colder Weather

Winter is already around the corner. The colder days can bring snow days, and family hot-cocoa night, but it can also bring sub-freezing temps.

When the weather dips, hazardous conditions usually present themselves in the form of iced roads, freezing pipes, or slippery surfaces.

Don’t let this winter catch you off-guard. Being prepared is our first line of defense against the pitfalls many get trapped in year after year.

Depending on where you live in the U.S. you will have different severities of extreme weather conditions. No matter where you live some level of preparation is always wise.

One of the major concerns in winter’s fury is the loss of heat, power, water, or communications. In the event of one of these vital components going awry, we need to have a contingency plan.

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You generally have a 24-36 hour warning in the event of a “winter storm watch”, but in that time everybody in your neighborhood and their mom has already bought out every water bottle, shovel, and loaf of bread.

It is best to be prepared beforehand. We know winter has the potential for extreme conditions, so let’s keep that in mind.

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