Top 5 Milestones You Should Have Accomplished By 30 For Successful ‘Adulting’

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Becoming an adult looks different for everybody.

Maybe you were thrust from the nest at 18 in an effort to build strength and character, or maybe you had a long gradual hike toward adulthood where you left your parent’s basement kicking and screaming.

Whichever route you took, there are some experiences you should have before you reach the big 3-0 to stake your claim in the world of “Adulting.”


  1. Know and love the person you are

Mark Williamson, Ph.D, Director of the Action for Happiness charity, wrote in a recent report, according to Reader’s Digest:

Our society puts huge pressure on us to be successful and to constantly compare ourselves with others; this causes a great deal of unhappiness and anxiety.”

Especially in the digital age where so much of our lives are viewed through social media it is easy to base your identity on who how your internet community views you.

Part of saying goodbye to the wild 20’s is also saying goodbye to all the facades.

Be comfortable in the skin you’re in, and don’t get caught up in what your high school crush thinks of your new haircut when you have real adult issues to think about – like working for a living and raising a family.


  1. Realize your parents are not your enemy

Reader’s Digest writes how our relationship with our parents can grow into our 30’s:

“Getting to know them as friends rather than just family is one of the most enjoyable experiences you will ever have.”

Part of becoming an adult is learning to have adult relationships, and that includes a mature relationship with your parents.

Don’t bicker when mom tries to talk to you about where you are living, but instead use it as an opportunity to really hear her experienced opinion and consider the possibility she has something to add to your life.

We all aren’t blessed with great parents, but we all have the ability to hold up our end of a healthy, adult interchange.


  1. Host a dinner party

Now this is a big one.

Preparing for multiple adults to dine and be entertained at your home is quite a feat.

Not only is there the choosing of a meal and the execution of the recipe, but there is the place seatings, ambiance, and conversation topics to consider.

Having your first big adult dinner party is a right of passage, and if you pull it off successfully you are ready to go into your 30’s with big prospects.


  1. Learn to do something new

Most of our skills are the result of childhood experiences, such as the piano lessons your mom made you take, or the mechanic work you did with your dad on the weekends.

However, picking up a skill you have never attempted before until now is a level of bravery and maturity that prepares you for a life of real “Adulting.”

You don’t have to go big like training for the Navy Seals, but something ambitious will help give you an edge for the real world, such as learning a new language or getting a public speaking certification.


  1. Learn to be alone

We are not saying you need to be single and physically alone all the time, but just able to appreciate solitude in a healthy way.

Forbes reports:

Studies show the ability to tolerate alone time has been linked to increased happiness, better life satisfaction, and improved stress management. People who enjoy alone time experience less depression.”

Those who constantly need attention and approval from others are not ready to see all life has in store for them.

Being comfortable with who you are, your thoughts, and your position in the present moment can give you a renewed perspective on life; helping you to appreciate those you really want to spend your time with.

There are countless trials and triumphs a person will encounter on their way to true adulthood but making sure you have these milestones checked off your list will give you the confidence boost you need to soar in life.

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