Top 5 Things You Learn About Yourself When You Have A Toddler

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The moment your little one speaks their first words, you are beyond elated. You want to showcase this amazing skill your brilliant child just began.

It seems all the hours of repeating things back to your baby are now showing their fruit in the toddler years.

But then they find that saying “no” is easy, gets a response from you, and asserts their independence.

What about all those early learner books? What about all the practice in manners?

You quickly find out, through speech and so much more, that being a parent of a toddler is a whole new ballgame.

The toddler years are most notoriously titled the “terrible twos.” This is usually because at this age toddlers become defiant and vocal.

It would be fairer to dub these early years the “terrific twos”, not only because there is so much you learn about your child when they are old enough to sport their own personality, but you learn so much about yourself.

Jamie Kenney, writing for Romper, gave a humorous, yet accurate, depiction of a baby entering the toddler years:

something special happens once they hit 2. Before then, their wisdom is like that of a zen master from whom you have to glean implied, profound lessons. But once the toddler years are in full swing, they become energetic, demanding  little Yodas, clinging to our backs, speaking in a syntactically bizarre way, and filling us in on the parts of the world we’re missing.”

Being the parent of a toddler is exhausting, but exciting. Their energy will never cease to amaze, and their intellect rises at such a rapid rate you are sure they are going to be scouted by NASA.

All the while you are watching this little human excel at lightning speeds, you are realizing that you didn’t know you were capable of so much, as parenting tests your abilities.

Here are the top 5 things a mother of a toddler will learn about themselves in a short time.

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