“Trad Wives” Are Making A Big Splash On Social Media

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Modern feminism tells the world that to be a strong woman you have to also fulfill the role of a traditional man.

Traditional women know that true strength lies in her innate ability to change the world wherever she resides- whether it is at the workplace or in the home.

Thankfully, liberal ideologies aren’t the only headliners on social media, with a new term gaining traction that brings a whole new conversation to play dates.

Estee C. Williams, 24, is a stay-at-home mom – and proud of it!

And you will never guess what she identifies as.

No, you won’t find this identification in the long list of letters the left-wing enthusiasts have made up to confuse the masses.

Estee calls herself a “trad wife” – short for “traditional wife” – a term popularized on social media which she says in a TikTok video means:

A woman who chooses to live a more traditional life with ultra-traditional gender roles.”

The video has blown up, bringing in a range of comments by users as one could imagine.

Estee makes it clear in her video that the “trad wife” movement isn’t “attempting to dismantle women’s right to work but that this is a choice made by individual women who believe a wife’s role is to be a homemaker.”

However, sociologist Michelle Janning from Whitman College believes the trad wife trend is “heavily influenced by the current political polarization in the US,” reports Insider.

Janning goes on to blame the pandemic for the rising trend:

As a sociologist, I would say, when people collectively feel like there’s not a lot of control in the world, you cling to something familiar, and concrete because it might be comfortable.”

While it may seem the sociologist is being objective in her comment, further discussion reveals her true opinion on the matter.

She adds, “if working outside the home is exhausting for women, returning to a time when they only worked inside the home might seem like the answer to some.”

Janning completely minimizes the SAHM here!

Caring for a home and family 24/7 is exhausting! There are many moms who work outside the home just to get a break from the never-ending work of home life.

In closing, Janning takes the classic stab at traditional views by saying some are using the “trad wife” title to promote “white supremacy.”

There are extremists in all groups of life who give others a bad name, however, Estee’s videos on TikTok are more focused on what she does to make being a housewife more pleasurable, such as wearing makeup, listening to music while she cleans, and wearing cute dresses in the home.

The social media sensation states:

I chose the trad lifestyle because I believe that women have drifted far from our roots.”

She didn’t do it to gather troops for a militia or put down another genre of culture.

The Virginia mom told Insider:

For me, the hustle culture was not appealing. Being a wife, mom, making delicious home-cooked meals for my family, and keeping up a warm, inviting home is what truly spoke to me.”

The hashtag #tradwife has more than 96 million views.

This could be largely due to the recent shifts in women returning to the home fulltime because of burnout from working outside the home and having to handle domestic responsibilities.

An analysis from Workplace-Culture Consultancy, a Great Place to Work, and Maven found that “mothers in paid employment are 23% more likely to experience burnout than fathers in paid employment”.

In addition, an estimated 2.35 million working mothers in the US have been suffering from burnout since the start of the pandemic, reports BBC.

This is not to say that women shouldn’t work outside the home but that a traditional wife’s role is also a full-time job in itself and should be acknowledged as such by modern society.

The trad wife trend brings light to this fact while creating a community that supports and encourages the work of other SAHMs, creating a more sincere environment of equality.

Do you think the “trad wife” term showcases traditional roles in a more positive light?

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