Tragic Mass Shooting Despite Extreme Gun Laws In Australia

There is a battle against humanity in American culture, and liberals are proudly marching the front lines of the offense.

One field of battle is the left attempting to hack our Constitution to fit an agenda that cannot be upheld forever, because of its weak foundational premises.

In the gun debate, progressives have the short term solution to take the guns out of people’s hands so they can’t inflict violence.

History has shown that using the force of the government through stricter gun laws isn’t going to fix the problem.

In Australia, where it would be hard to find legislation to make gun laws any tighter, there has been a tragic mass shooting that left 7 dead.

The Daily Wire reported:

In Osmington, a town of just 135 people in southwest Australia, seven people were killed in what could be the largest shooting the nation has seen in more than two decades.

According to the Associated Press, when police were called to the home at approximately 5:15 a.m. local time Friday, they found the bodies of three adults and four children.

The bodies of two adults were located outside. Five bodies were located inside a building on the rural property,” said Western Australia Police Commissioner Chris Dawson.”

The police commissioner was reserved when telling the report, not wanting to give more detail than there were gunshot wounds, and two guns found at the home.

A family friend, Felicity Haynes, of the deceased did tell 9 News Perth that she heard several gunshots coming from the area early in the morning.

While no names were released in the commissioner’s official release, the murdered family was later identified as four children, their mother “Katrina Miles, 35, and grandparents Peter and Cynda Miles”, according to Sky News.

The Port Arthur Massacre of 1996 was the last mass shooting in Australia, where 35 people were heartlessly killed.

After this tragic event, Australia increased legislation on gun ownership, and initiated a buyback program throughout the country.

During the buyback only a sixth of all “assault weapons” in Australia were recovered, according to the Daily Wire.

Legislation, also, required gun owners to show they truly needed the weapon in order to keep it, and were required to take a firearm safety course.

The land down under didn’t stop there. After a shooting in 2002 where handguns were used, Australia increased gun law legislation, making ownership even more difficult.

The Daily Wire reported on the writings by the Library of Congress:

“… in November 2002, various resolutions were agreed to, which included restricting the classes of legal handguns that can be imported or possessed for sporting purposes, changing licensing requirements for handguns, and exploring options for a buyback program for those guns deemed illegal. The Council of Australian Governments (COAG) endorsed the resolutions in December 2002, and these formed the National Handgun Control Agreement. …”

After the National Buyback Act 2003, 70,000 handguns, and 278,000 “parts and accessories” were given up to the government, according to the Daily Wire.

The recent shooting on Forever Dreaming Farm in Osmington is suspected to be a case where the grandfather, Peter Miles, murdered his whole family before turning the gun on himself.

Sky News reported:

Aaron Cockman, who was estranged from the children’s mother, told reporters on Sunday that he thought the shooting was planned and carried out by Peter Miles.

Speaking publicly about the incident for the first time, Mr. Cockman said: “Peter didn’t snap. I think he’s thought this through. I think he’s been thinking this through for a long time.

Western Australia premier Mark McGowan confirmed on Monday that 61-year-old Peter Miles was the suspected perpetrator of the mass shooting.”

Mr. Cockman, who considered Peter to be his friend, said himself that he didn’t think gun laws could be tightened any more.

There was a painful custody battle for the children that brought Mr. Cockman “so much anger”, but now he reports just feeling “tremendous sadness” for his kids, according to Sky News.

Peter Miles had no official mental illnesses, according to The Star, but it was said by Cockman that he struggled with the suicide of a son, and a kidney disease diagnosis with his other son.

The Star reported:

Peter Miles had decided to take his own life, but did not want to upset his grandchildren, Cockman surmised. “He was so close to my kids that he would not leave the kids upset for the rest of their lives,” Cockman said.”

It is hard to imagine coping with such tragedy as losing your whole family, and your friend, like Cockman has.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by the horrendous event that took place on that small Australian farm.

The strict gun laws Australia put in place did not prevent this deadly attack, and it certainly did nothing to help the underlying problem of Peter Miles unresolved grief over his son.

Please let us know in the comments section if you think America is heading toward similar legislation to Australia, and if you think mass shootings will be eradicated by government force.





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