“Transgender” Parents Seek Sympathy On How Hard It Is To Raise Kids

As moms around America are doing their best to navigate parenting during this tricky season – most can admit it’s been tough.

Many women have gone from wife and mother – to career woman, wife, mother, AND teacher – all in a few short months.  And according to “transgender” parents – they have it tougher than anyone else – and now they are seeking sympathy and demanding change.

But instead of realizing their own selfish actions got them into this mess – they are trying to blame traditional hard-working moms.

Apparently, “transgender parents” claim they are discriminated against by society – and nobody seems to care.

Parents reported:

“However, if you are looking at parents as a whole and claiming that cisgender women will suffer the most, then you are leaving transgender parents out of the conversation altogether.

While in heterosexual pairings of cisgender parents, “the mental load” often falls squarely on mothers, it isn’t so for everyone. I’m not a mother, but I have worked from home while caring for a small child and handling a lot of the mental load of planning for my family for four years. It’s up to me to figure out online Girl Scouts and what school will look like in the fall.”

Hey guess what – figuring out schooling and other virtual activities is something EVERY family in America is facing!

Moms are most concerned about raising their own families and surviving – not looking to what others are doing.

And it is true, some women have faced backlash from the pandemic – like being fired for having noisy kids.

Or being forced to have to find babysitters for young ones during the day.

Women (especially moms) have faced a host of challenges during this pandemic and the load has fallen on them mostly.

To assume because a woman is heterosexual her life is easy is beyond insulting.

LGBT activists make bad decisions – they decide to get involved in an abnormal relationship AND bring kids into the mix – and then complain they have it worse than everyone else.

Give me a break.

And what about the children!?

Did these “transgender” parents ever think how their lifestyle would affect them?

How a little girl has to explain she has two daddies?

Or how her “mother” really is a man?

Of course not.

In typical fashion, LGBT activists always claim the world isn’t fair and is against them – when they created their reality.

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And now, all of a sudden they are feeling “excluded” from the family structure – when their entire campaign has been created to destroy the family unit.

There’s a reason God designed families to have a mother and a father – because both roles are important.

So sure, if you mess with that design, there are going to be consequences.

Two men raising a little girl are not going to be able to relate to her in the some was as if she had an actual mother.

But instead of acknowledging their own bad choices have led them into feeling “left out” in society – they blame heterosexual families.

Talk about being out of touch in every way.

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