“Transgender” School Officials Threaten Christian Teacher With An Ultimatum

The LGBT agenda has poisoned local schools, and you won’t believe their latest move.

One local school instituted a new “transgender policy”, demanding teachers call students by their “preferred name”, regardless of their biological sex.

And when one teacher objected due to his religious beliefs, the school did the unthinkable.

LGBT activists claim to want “equal rights”, but they absolutely lose their minds and cry discrimination the moment someone disagrees with them.

They are so determined to push their warped agenda onto everyone else, businesses and schools are terrified to disagree with them, for fear of retribution.

But one local teacher put his foot down and said enough is enough.

And in speaking out, he learned firsthand just how serious the consequences could be for refusing to bow down to the “transgender” curriculum.

It all started when school officials insisted students must be referred to by their “preferred” name.

Meaning if a biological boy wanted to “be a girl”, teachers must refer to him as a girl.

And when one local teacher, John Kluge, protested against the policy, the school told him he had no choice – either adopt the “transgender” policy or get fired.

Holding true to his religious convictions, and feeling the looming pressure of getting fired, this teacher decided to resign.

But when he decided to rescind his resignation, the school board refused to let him and said it had already been processed.

They held a school board meeting drawing all kinds of people, both in support and against the teacher.

Giving an emotional speech, Kluge spoke out to the reason he refused to adopt the “transgender” policy.

Fox 59 reported:

“I wanted to be able to teach my subject matter with a clean conscience,” said Kluge when he took the podium during the meeting.

“You’ve approved my resignation without me being able to appeal my resignation.”

So many people would have given in to the school officials’ demands to encourage “transgender” students in their sickness.

But this teacher was brave and took a bold stand for truth in a dark and decaying world.

More teachers need to stand up to LGBT activists and protect students from leftist educators trying to force their agenda onto impressionable minds.

When parents found out about the schools “transgender” policy, many were outraged.

Fox 59 continued:

“The policy says students can ask to have their name changed at school with consent from a parent and doctor.

Parents who disagree with the policy say they’ve never heard of this and didn’t know it was being enforced.

“I’m sorry I know I sound like I’m ticked off because I am I’m fed up with this stuff from you guys. You are our elected officials. You work for us and the administration works for you so that makes you all responsible,” parent Jeff Gracey said.” 

Leave it to sneaky school officials to try and shield parents from what is really happening behind closed doors.

Parents must take an active role in their children’s lives and find out what is really happening at school.

If left to their own demise, school officials will continue to run unhinged, and destroy anyone that gets in their way, even children.

What are your thoughts on the school’s decision to force a “transgender” policy onto a Christian teacher?

Do you think Kluge made the right decision to stand up to the leftist school officials? Or should he have given in and referred to students by their “preferred transgender” name?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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