Trump Is Blamed In A Ridiculous Tweet

The internet can be an interface for many things. Americans are often at battle with one another in the harsh and judgmental world of social media.

In that world anyone can say nearly anything, and fear only the unrelenting retort of the opinionated masses.

Unfortunately, many individuals get trigger happy with the keyboard and push that send button before a logical thought has a chance to make it to their fingertips.

This seems to be especially true with liberals who get emotionally charged by an incident and then rant about it before they have given it any forethought.

This past Saturday, we saw just that when the actress, and yogurt spokeswoman, Jamie Lee Curtis tweeted a hate-filled message to President Trump, blaming him for the false missile alert in Hawaii.

Jamie Lee Curtis tweeted:

This Hawaii missile scare is on YOU Mr. Trump. The real FEAR that mothers & fathers & children felt is on YOU. It is on YOUR ARROGANCE. HUBRIS. NARCISSISM. RAGE. EGO. IMMATURITY and your UNSTABLE IDIOCY. Shame on your hate filled self. YOU DID THIS!” the actress tweeted.”

This Hawaii missle scare is on YOU Mr. Trump. The real FEAR that mothers & fathers & children felt is on YOU. It is on YOUR ARROGANCE. HUBRIS. NARCISSISM. RAGE. EGO. IMMATURITY and your UNSTABLE IDIOCY. Shame on your hate filled self. YOU DID THIS!

— Jamie Lee Curtis (@jamieleecurtis) January 13, 2018

I guess it is no concern to Curtis that Trump was on a golf course in Florida at the time of the ballistic missile warning, and that he has no contact with the warning systems.

It is also of little consideration to Curtis that Hawaii’s governor quickly apologized for the mistake and gave a full report of the misunderstanding.

The Daily Wire reported:

Hawaii went into a panic after an emergency notification went out early Saturday afternoon alerting residents of an incoming ballistic missile. The initial alert warned residents to “seek shelter,” while a second alert sent 38 minutes later said that “there is no missile threat or danger to the State of Hawaii.””

Fearful Hawaiian residents and tourists scrambled as they pondered if these were their final moments. The situation was made worse by leaving everybody in suspense for the 38 minutes.

Hawaii’s Emergency Management Agency (EMA) is run by the Hawaiian state government. A state employee, who remains unnamed, mistakenly pushed the wrong button during a standard procedure that is done at the start of every shift, according The Daily Wire.

The employee was supposed to send out an incoming missile alert that doesn’t actually go out to the public, but shown internally that the alert system is operational.

Governor David Ige (D) sent out a response to the inhabitants of the island apologizing for the “pain and confusion” the false alert caused, and explained how the state employee pushed a “wrong button”, according to the Washington Post.

Shortly after the debacle, calls came flooding in looking for answers as to how it was so easy to make such a mistake, and demanding change to prevent a similar future occurrence.

Ajit Pai, Federal Communications Commission Chairman, reported in a statement that “the government of Hawaii did not have reasonable safeguards or process controls in place to prevent the transmission of a false alert”, according to the Washington Post.

All drills by the EMA will cease until further investigation. There is also a “two-person activation/verification rule” set in place for both testing and real missile alerts to make the mistake that happened unlikely to recur.

The left will blame Trump for anything they can conjure up, regardless of its legitimacy or relevance.

The tweet sent out towards Trump went too far (like a lot of the leftist agendas lately), but at least it is seen through many of Curtis’ responses to her senseless tweet that United States citizens have more intellectual vigor than this Hollywood representative.

Some of the nearly 375,000 followers of Curtis shamed her for being a person in a position of influence, yet using such a podium to promote hate – and misdirected at that.

Others chalked up her misunderstanding of the facts to be a byproduct of viewing CNN. Some just see her as a flaky liberal, spewing emotional garbage.


Trump was later briefed on the situation in Hawaii, where it was called a “state exercise”, according to The Daily Wire.

 It is one of the curses of this day and age that individuals do not take responsibility for their own actions.

Curtis did not explain how she thought that it was Trump’s fault a Hawaiian state employee pushed the wrong button, but that’s irrelevant to her irresponsible tweet.

The promotion of allowing blatant, and undeserved, disrespect to those in authority that you don’t see eye to eye with is plain wrong.

It’s no wonder the liberal agenda is creating a society which shows no decency for life and the way it was created.

Let us know in the comments section what you think of Curtis’ tweet, and how it is a reflection of a liberal rant.