Trump Throws Democrats Off By Doing Exactly What He Said He Would

During the recent campaign trail, Trump vowed to give Americans more jobs. He focused his efforts specifically on the mining and manufacturing industries.

Mining and manufacturing jobs in the U.S. had taken some of the biggest hits during the Obama-era, mainly because of his stifling regulations and support of foreign manufacturers.

The Stream Protection Rule and the Waters of the US Rule were the heavy hitters to impact the mining industry.

These regulations implemented by Obama put a burden on the industry that could not be shaken, forcing businesses to perform extensive water tests to even mere puddles that had existed near the mines within the last 100 years.

However, the SPR and the Waters of the US Rule were some of the first regulations to hit the bucket once Trump took office. This proved Trump’s determination to follow through on his promises to the American people.

Fox News reported:

During the Obama Administration, figures obtained by Fox News show that 36,800 coal miners lost their jobs. Last September, the number of people mining coal hit the lowest point since 1985.”

Since Trump has taken office there has been an undeniable increase in jobs and economic optimism.

Time reported:

Manufacturing jobs increased by 28,000 in February, for a total increase of 57,000 over the last three months dating back to the end of Barack Obama’s presidency, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said.”

There is a lot of controversy in the media right now amongst Democrats trying to “debunk” Trump’s claims of increasing jobs.

And even when some Democrats do come to terms with the fact that there has been an increase in jobs, they like to say it’s from some sort of run-off luck thanks to Obama. But in reality, the data just doesn’t support these assertions.

For example, Tara Sinclair, an Associate Professor of Economics and International Affairs at George Washington University claimed, “A lot of this is build up of several years from economic improvement.”

Sinclair is trying to insinuate Obama paved a golden road to economic freedom that Trump is just hanging his street sign on.

But putting the United States trillions of dollars deeper into debt is simply not economically sound – no matter which political lens you’re looking through.

The people of Hazard, Kentucky know all too well the reality of unemployment under Obama after over 400 mining jobs were lost in their small town due to the imposed water regulations.

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But when Trump took office, his actions made it possible for the town of Hazard to begin hiring locals back, invigorating their local economic growth.

Fortune reported:

The larger mining and logging sector, which now boasts about 715,000 jobs — up from 673,000 in January, according to the BLS. That figure represents an increase of 42,000 jobs.”

These numbers correlate to Trump’s statements. These numbers do not correlate to Sinclair’s outrageous assertions that the Trump administration has had nothing to do with restoring jobs.

The left’s complaint of the day is once again unvalidated.

It certainly is an optimistic time for U.S. mining and manufacturing industries. What Obama fiasco will the Trump administration correct next?