Trump’s “America First” Policy Could Mean Big Changes For Troops In Syria

America likes to think that the age of terrorism in the Middle East is eradicated.

With the death of Osama bin Laden in May 2011, the hype of terrorist networks lost their drive in the media.

The reality is that unrest in the Middle East is a constant battle, brought on by timeless feuds, that the United States has been aiding on many fronts.

Syria had a strong ISIS presence prior to U.S. involvement but has had success in slowly eliminating Islamic extremism since aid was sent in 2014.

According to the Washington Post, there are 4,000 American troops stationed in Syria to fight forces that have senselessly taken many lives.

ISIS has bases in Syria but has been involved in overseeing many terrorist attacks all over the world that have killed hundreds of innocent civilians.

After years of diligent service in the military, President Trump would like to see our troops brought home.

It may not be necessary to continue United States involvement in Syrian ISIS efforts much longer, as their presence has been almost blotted out there.

Fox News reported:

President Trump said he would “ideally” start to bring home U.S. troops from Syria within a six-month period but added that they would remain until the mission is satisfactorily accomplished.

Trump announced his plans in a meeting with his national security team, Fox News confirmed.

The White House clarified the mission just a day before Trump’s comments and said that it is “coming to a rapid end,” avoiding any specifics.”

Even though US military efforts have made tremendous strides in eliminating terrorist threats in Syria, the small presence there still poses a threat.

The mission was to see it through that the threat is extinguished. The hope is that within the 6-month time frame goals will be reached, and we can see American families reunited with their heroes.

Fox News reported:

The military mission to eradicate ISIS in Syria is coming to a rapid end, with ISIS being almost completely destroyed,” the White House statement said. “The United States and our partners remain committed to eliminating the small ISIS presence in Syria that our forces have not already eradicated.”

At a meeting in the Baltic nations, it was discussed by the President that the “primary mission” has been “completed”, according to Fox News.

The death toll from the Syrian Civil War has been drastic. Among the civilians, many children have been caught in the middle of open fire.

It has been an emotional and financial strain on America to provide support to Middle Eastern efforts.

The benefit has, obviously, heavily rested on the countries where our troops are deployed.

Trump stated that having soldiers stationed overseas in Syria has been “very costly” for our nation, according to Fox News.

Although there are no concrete plans on pulling out of Syria, concern has been raised by various departments that leaving before the mission there is complete could have dire repercussions – just like Obama’s handling of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Financial support from other countries has been sought out by the president to help ease the US strain.

Fox News reported:

Trump has said that he would like other countries to take a role in helping to rebuild Syria, most recently asking Saudi Arabia to contribute $4 billion for reconstruction, according to a U.S. official.”

Trump has vowed an “America first” policy that has guided his decisions throughout his presidency.

The past administration focused on international favor, while Trump is more concerned with American prosperity.

Making plans and efforts to bring our troops home is another sign that our president is making good on his promises.

Recent conflict with Syria after a gas attack has put up new hurdles to overcome. Russia’s ally with Assad, the Syrian president, has forced the nation’s hand in militant threats that may extend the troops stay abroad

We will see in the coming days the consequences of Syria’s attack. Until then, the hope is that peace is around the corner.

Please let us know in the comments section what you think about United States involvement in Syrian stability efforts.



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