Try These Tips To Boost Creativity In Your Home

Many families walk into a clutter-filled home, and are anything but inspired by what they see.

Picture frames with stock photos yet to be filled are on prominent display. Dirty dishes overflow the sink. Piles of laundry line the hall.

But instead of giving up on having a creative home, there are simple tricks you can implement immediately, which will turn your home into a creative zone.

First, it’s important to make your home represent your family. What works for one family may not work for another.

The key is to personalize your space.

Is there a motivational phrase or Scripture verse which inspires you each time you read it?

Then hang it up!

Make sure every photograph and picture hanging in your home is intentional.

Involve your kids in the creative process, and choose a wall in your home to display their favorite artwork.

Encourage them to create new things, and explore different methods of self-expression. Create a special “art zone” space in your home, and fill it with paint, crayons, scissors, construction paper, and other items for your children to work with.

You can even purchase an inexpensive can of chalk paint and paint a chalk wall so your children can draw on it, or write out their favorite quotes.

Let’s be honest, what child wouldn’t love drawing on the wall?

By encouraging your children to be creative, you are activating a part of their brain which will help maintain their creativity in different areas of life.

Once you’ve started the creative process, try changing up your home.

By moving furniture around, and rearranging items in each room, you may find a new way to enjoy your home.

If you’re looking to bring some color and “life” into your home, consider changing out an old stuffy pillow and adding a bright pillow to your sofa instead. Or, try adding a few plants and vases full of bright flowers to your kitchen or bathroom.

Finally, break the rules once in a while.

Have a family movie night outside on the big-screen. Whip up some tasty treats and relax on a few blankets under the stars.

Go against the grain. Have breakfast for dinner one night. Cook brunch together as a family on a Saturday. The point is to do something outside of your normal routine.

You can even make a blanket-fort inside your home! Encourage your kids to play and have fun.

They may even come up with a creative idea you can do together as a family.

Parents reported the importance of celebrating creativity at home each day throughout the year:

“There is something to celebrate every day. Research each month’s holidays, observances, and awareness weeks and have your child think of fun and creative ways to honor the occasions. For instance, May 1 to 7 is National Summer Safety Week, so brainstorm a list of ways to ensure a safe summer. August 10 is National S’mores Day, so make s’mores bars over the grill. In honor of Good Nutrition Month, November, involve your children in planning healthy meals and compile the delicious recipes in a family cookbook. Inspire your children to think about original and interesting ways to look forward to days and seasons.”

Your home should be a peaceful sanctuary which inspires your family to feel creative.

Explore what works for you, and get those creative juices flowing!

What are some ways you’ve introduced kids to creativity in your home? What’s your favorite creative activity to do together as a family?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.