Turning The Tables On The Left — College Group Sues To Protect Traditional Values

Following President Trump’s election last fall, the left has increasingly protested against any and all conservative points of view.

Nowhere is this more evident than on college campuses, where young adults are most vulnerable to the liberal agenda which is preached as the only acceptable view in society today.

Violence erupted on the campus of U.C. Berkeley over conservative speakers appearing on campus, colleges created “safe spaces” for students who could not bear to hear the views of those they disagree with, and students even called in police when they happened to see a sign on campus with a conservative message that “offended” them.

And now another college is in the news after a professor encouraged students to destroy pro-life messages displayed there.

Students for Life at Fresno State University filed a lawsuit on Thursday against Dr. Gregory Thatcher, a public health professor who encouraged pro-abortion students to erase pro-life chalk messages displayed on the campus’ sidewalks.

LifeSite News reports:

The pro-life student group creates chalk messages on campus sidewalks after first obtaining permission from school administration and Student Involvement. The messages are meant to help new parents and women in crisis pregnancies.  

When pro-abortion students began erasing the chalk creations, Students for Life Fresno president Bernadette Tasy asked why. She was told, “We have a teacher that’s telling us to get rid of it.”  

The teacher was Thatcher.

Thatcher himself approached the pro-life students and used his shoe to wipe out their messages while giving them a tongue-lashing. He told them that they could only express themselves in a “free speech zone,” an area the university eliminated years ago.

“College campuses are not free-speech areas,” Thatcher angrily said while blocking the pro-life messages from being seen. “Obviously, you do not understand.”

This action by Professor Thatcher is just another example of the left’s intolerance for any ideology that does not match their own.

The pro-life students had received permission from campus administration to display the chalk messages, and had done so for several years in the past during an annual pro-life event at the school.

The college experience was once thought to round-out a young adult’s education by teaching them tolerance and differing viewpoints in the world.

However, the left has taken over campuses nationwide.  Conservative viewpoints are no longer allowed as liberal students and teachers cry foul at any conservative viewpoint portrayed.

This double-standard is becoming more and more apparent as the left has the support of the liberal mainstream media, and students throw temper tantrums whenever offended by traditional values.

And now, apparently the liberal left believes they are the only ones entitled to free speech.

LifeSite News continues:

Fresno State Students for Life v. Thatcher claims the professor violated the students’ freedom of speech through censorship, harassment, intimidation, and recruiting others to do the same. The lawsuit asks that Thatcher and his pro-abortion students no longer interfere, disrupt, or alter lawful free speech.

“Fresno State Students for Life received full permission to chalk pro-life messages near the library,” Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins explained. “Rather than countering with his own message, Dr. Thatcher took the illegal approach of censoring speech and inciting students to help.”

“No students should have to endure this kind of intimidation and harassment for simply expressing their views,” Hawkins added, “especially not those who want to help the women betrayed, and the preborn children killed, by the abortion industry.”

Had this been a liberal message displayed on campus and destroyed by conservative students, the left would have been in an uproar and the liberal media would have had a field day in portraying the right as “intolerant”.

It appears that American colleges are fast becoming liberal indoctrination centers, where any student expressing conservative viewpoints can say goodbye to their First Amendment right to free speech.



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  1. It’s about time the right start standing up for their self, as this is gotten way too far out of hand and we been way to patient with these black hooded anarchist and their PImps in Congress and the media.

    • David Estes says:

      Right on. I wrote to my reps and still haven’t heard from them yet. I sent 3 emails to my House rep and have never heard from him. I’ll just call him Monday and see what the problem seems to be. God bless American and all defenders of the Constitution.

      • We must been together because the time is coming when we will have for either Fite or give up your freedom. We all have to die, so we may as well die for something, and this country has been worth defending as many men lead your lives down in on the line for it. I am an old man now and I fought the communist in Vietnam,and still feel that I can do my part if it has to come tomorrow. I will speak my mind till I’m dead, as I lay my life down on the line for my freedom to speak and for this country wants and I’ll do it again.

        • Linda Lee says:

          I’m with ya. I’m an old woman but I can still give my all if it comes to it.

          • You’re a good patriot Linda Lee, and I am no spring chicken either as stated above.

          • I’m an old woman also. It is very sad to watch the evil sweeping our Nation. Good people have sat back and allowed the morally depraved to bully their way into social acceptability. And our youth are totally indoctrinated to embrace all kinds of evil. They have no moral compass. We have failed our progeny. Shame on us.

      • Kathy Moon says:

        Amen David Estes. This HAS gotten out of hand, and I am fed up!!

  2. Agree it’s time WE the majority turn the tables on the left! They pushed against us and we didn’t take them seriously. Finally they took over. THAT’S OVER. The left has PROVED they want to tear down our country, open it’s borders and destroy EVERYTHING about it! We MUST PUSH BACK and take back control because if we don’t….this Republic will be lost.

  3. Steven Coy says:


  4. Edgar Duvall says:

    Can citizens sue News Companies for not checking the truthfulness of information before putting out a report? We waste a lot of time reading and getting upset to the point of crying because someone that hates trump puts out fake news.

    • Kathy Moon says:

      Sad…if it wasn’t so very scary about the implications of the lliberal media reporters. They have so much power to shape minds…and they are doing it…along with Obama, Maxine Waters, Pocohontas, Pelosi, Schumer…I know President Trump loves this country and truly wants to make it great again!!

    • Linda Lee says:

      The problem as I see it is that big money backs them. We can only fight back with our own words, and believe me I do on many venues on the web.

  5. Kathy Moon says:

    It is about time to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! You cannot tell me what to think and what I can and cannot say Mr. Thatcher. Please do not refer to yourself as a professor. A good professor allows differing opinions, and venues in which to speak them. The little snowflakes need a good kick in the rear—and that includes you Mr. Thatcher. How dare you take it upon yourself to take your shoe to erase a differing opinion…shame on [email protected]!!

  6. Keith McPhee says:

    If the left continues as they are now things will only get worse when all of us on the right decide that enough is enough. The left wants to get violent with us…….well, lets just leave it at that.

    • Yes, considering their intolerance for certain…2nd Amendments!! ? We will Not watch our Flag, our Ideals, our Constitution or our Country be destroyed by a bunch of morally corupt pansies! God Bless you and yours.??? See you out there!???

  7. Linda Lee says:

    These schools have been indoctrination centers for many years, and the fools that were brainwashed are now running the aylum. they emboldened and think no one can touch them. I think that down the road they are in for a rude awakening. One such university has already been told by some big money that they will not write any more check if they don’t straighten up. They aren’t going to, believe me but it is going to bite them in their collective derriere.

    • Evil people have more financial clout than good people. We have lost two generations. We are very late at waking up and speaking out.

  8. Sparten1 says:

    These professors need to be fired. I wouldn’t want one of them teaching my child anything!

  9. Mr. Manfredgensenden says:

    Put your foot on something I’m writing or drawing and you’ll lose the use of it…maybe for good.

  10. Absolutely. Sue the pants off this moron literally. In many states you can now not only sue say the school but, also the individual doing the actual damage so they can not hide behind the school

  11. Linda Shelton says:

    American colleges have already becoming liberal indoctrination centers.

  12. Linda Martinez says:

    Its Never to Late , If You Voted For President Trump then continue to listen to talk radio for your news . and do not give in ,there are many of us that is why we have President Trump and so far He Is doing a great Job . Hang In ,

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