Twitter Demands Apology From Conservative Activist

Twitter claims to be a platform where many voices can speak and have a civilized discussion advocating their thoughts and opinions to the world.

But one conservative learned the hard way; Twitter does not welcome all viewpoints on the political spectrum.

In fact, not only does Twitter not welcome dissenting viewpoints, they forbid it. And you won’t believe how they enforce it.

Twitter’s latest action is sure to infuriate you.

As it turns out, Twitter actually claimed this man “violated” their terms of service, and demanded he apologize before they reinstated his account.

It all started when this conservative tweeted out that “transgenderism” was a mental disorder.

He was responding to the latest ridiculousness of Facebook allowing users to pick from 58 “genders”, their preferred “gender of choice”, including the latest “fill in the blank” category where Facebook users were encouraged to “pick their own gender” if they didn’t like one of the options listed.

And when this conservative simply called “trangenderism” a mental disorder, Twitter deleted his account, but not before angry liberals lashed out.

LifeSite News reported:

“The exchange that led to Dice’s suspension began with a tweet by Dice on April 10, in which he wrote, “58 different genders wasn’t ‘inclusive’ enough for Facebook, so now instead of picking from a list of options, that section is a ‘fill in the blank.’  The company is embracing mental illness on a massive scale.  #Zuckerberg”.

An outraged reader named “Davon” tweeted back to Dice, “Are you calling gender identity a mental illness? The fact that you’re able to tweet this [EXPLETIVE] is proof enough that there’s [no] liberal social media bias.”

Dice then responded to “Davon,” writing, “All of them but two, yes.”

“This is the tweet Twitter is trying to force me to delete, for ‘violating’ their terms of service,” wrote Dice. “They locked me out of my account until I ‘agree’ that what I said was wrong!”

“My reply was to a question someone tweeted to me asking if the countless gender expressions were a mental illness,” Dice continued. “It’s time Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey gets grilled by Congress about the censorship of Conservatives. Unbelievable.”

LGBT activists are determined to shut down anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

It’s almost as if they are afraid of allowing dissenting voices to speak, for fear others may soon realize the real motive behind their warped agenda.

Facebook welcomes LGBT activists with open arms, and have been known to silence conservatives too.

One thing is absolutely clear, LGBT activists are relentless in forcing their views onto others, and if anyone dares to disagree with them, they will not hesitate to silence their voice.

The leftist activists who work for these companies are abusing their power, to promote their own personal agenda.

Freedom of speech should not be stifled, and if a conservative chooses to speak the truth about “transgenerism”, he should be allowed to speak his mind.

What are your thoughts on Twitter banning free speech?

Should conservatives continue to speak out against the radical LGBT movement which is penetrating every area of society?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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