U.K.’s Health Care Services Endanger More Children To Push Their Agenda

A dark progressive agenda has been rapidly spreading across the globe.

Agencies in the U.S. and abroad are adopting policies that undermine the family and risk the health and well-being of future generations.

The latest disturbing information to come to light is a tragic situation taking place in the U.K., in another case of government interference that oppresses the human rights and well-being of its citizens.

The U.K.’s National Health Service has frequently been in the news in recent years with policies and determinations that put profit before life.

There have been numerous court decisions to uphold socialist policies in their healthcare system that have robbed families of options to save their critically ill children or family members.  Patients have frequently been denied treatment options in the name of cost or been forced to accept lower quality care.

Mommy Underground previously reported on some of the sickening and tragic consequences of the healthcare system of the U.K. and the anti-family, anti-life agenda of its court system.

Now the U.K. is targeting another innocent group of citizens as it aims to spread the agenda of the left in what is reminiscent of medical experimentation.

The National Health Service has seen a rise in teenagers seeking medical help for feelings of gender dysphoria at London’s Tavistock Clinic in their “Gender Identity Development Services.”

But instead of looking for the root cause of their mental health concerns, physicians have started young teens on hormone blockers to stop puberty in an effort to begin them on the journey toward transitioning to another gender.

More frightening than the careless disregard for the health of these teens is the ease at which physicians are accepting the claims of children that they are transgender when there are so many other possible medical factors at play.

And one factor that is rising to the top in these cases is the possibility that these teens are on the autism spectrum.

The Daily Mail reported:

Autism expert Dr. Sally Powis said that autistic teenagers searching for a reason why they did not fit in could fixate on the idea that they were born into the wrong body. “If you know you’ve been different since you were a small child, there’s the possibility you consider it’s your gender that’s the issue, rather than autism,” she said.

Psychotherapist James Caspian claimed that many clinicians felt unable to question gender beliefs, due in part to a recent Memorandum of Understanding banning ‘conversion therapy’ by the UK Council for Psychotherapy. “I have been contacted by psychotherapists who work with adolescents on the autistic spectrum who have expressed concern over the current climate,” he added.

Reports have found that of the hundreds of children who have been given hormone blockers, a whopping one-third have exhibited overwhelming signs of autism.  It is estimated that four out of ten children – or close to 150 – treated for gender dysphoria at the clinic are instead autistic.

The drugs are the first step toward full gender transition.  By stopping puberty, gender transition surgeries become “easier” for physicians to perform.

Most of the teens seeking treatment are male – and autism presents in more males than females.  Following treatment with hormone blockers, the teens will then be started on dangerous “cross-sex” hormones and either testosterone or estrogen to change their appearance and prepare for mutilating surgeries.

Experts are warning that the U.K.’s Health Services are so concerned with growing the progressive ranks that these teens are being encouraged to make life-altering and permanent decisions in their search for identity.  And their feelings can be attributed to symptoms of autism – not gender dysphoria.

But because of the bullying tactics of a far-left government-run healthcare system, physicians are afraid to challenge the teens or the opinions of fellow colleagues.

The Daily Mail continued:

Tory MP David Davies said: “The NHS needs to fully investigate this. It would be an absolute scandal if, 20 years from now, we discovered a load of people who are not transgender at all had been stuck on to a medical pathway because NHS personnel were told not to challenge young people who said they were transgender.”

Psychotherapist Bob Withers, who has treated a number of transgender patients, said: “I think the Tavistock is under pressure because the trans lobby has become so dominant and powerful.”

Due to growing concern from outside experts – and likely only to save face – the U.K.’s Ministry of Health Services has called for a review of the procedures that hospitals and clinics follow when evaluating a young patient with symptoms of a mental health condition.

But that doesn’t mean policies and procedures will change anytime soon, if at all.

Until then, the sickening precedent that is being set has started hundreds of confused teens down a dangerous – and possibly irreversible – path.

What do you think of the latest push by the U.K. to normalize transgenderism and spread the progressive agenda?  Leave us your thoughts.




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