Unbelievable Move Undermines The Role Of Mothers

The left has been promoting transgenderism as a cultural norm in recent years.

LGBT groups have been lobbying for, and receiving, all sorts of special rights and privileges — gained through bullying tactics and lawsuits — for transgendered men and women to be treated just like biological women.

But their latest demand crosses a line that is infuriating real women, and a woman’s advocacy group is the main culprit.

For decades, La Leche League International has given women support in the first few months of their infants’ lives with guidance on how to establish good breastfeeding and bonding techniques.

Breastfeeding is a natural nutritional and bonding experience between a new mom and baby.

But now, some women who have decided to be “men” are demanding they be allowed an experience reserved for women, once again attacking the laws of biology and God-given gender.

LifeSite News reported:

 A venerable breastfeeding advocacy group is floating the notion that men can nurse children.

Nursing is not just for moms anymore, according to a blog post from the National Catholic Register this week that included a policy statement from La Leche League International (LLLI).

“As the cultural understanding of gender has expanded, it is now recognized that some men are able to breastfeed,” the organization also stated.

LLLI has accommodated the idea of breastfeeding men since 2014 when it changed the policy, because “the cultural understanding of gender has expanded.” Therefore “it is now recognized that some men are able to breastfeed.”

The Illinois-based international organization has provided breastfeeding support for more than 60 years. Three years ago, it began allowing “men who otherwise meet the prerequisites for becoming a volunteer applicant” to be breastfeeding counselors.

Those prerequisites are organizational experience, personal experience breastfeeding a baby for at least nine months, and a demonstrated commitment to La Leche League philosophy.

That’s no misprint — men with “personal experience breastfeeding a baby for at least nine months” can apply to be a breastfeeding counselor.

One questions how this is even possible. However, many transgendered “men” have opted not to have their female reproductive systems changed by surgery.

They want the best of both worlds — to be allowed to go against God and biology to become a man in appearance and demeanor, but then give birth and nurse their babies like women.

This latest move by the transgender community has drastic implications for the “man” and child.

Dangerous hormone treatments and surgeries are allowing these transgendered men to change the biological systems of their bodies at will, at one moment taking testosterone to bring out more masculine characteristics, and the next, switching to estrogen treatments to allow their bodies to produce milk for their infants.

And these blurred gender identities are not just for “men” born as women, but also for transgendered women who have transitioned both physically and emotionally to become men, who then expect to be granted the blessings of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The medical risks alone can be catastrophic, not to mention the cost to taxpayers, and the confusion and emotional damage to both parent and child.

Scientific American reported on the dangers of biologically going back and forth between genders to become parents:

And some doctors working on the frontlines with transgender patients have expressed concerns about the ethics involved in the risks. Sauer, the gynecologist from Columbia, says that with options including surrogacy and adoption available in many locations, an experimental surgery to help patients give birth—not save their lives—seems like a huge risk. Safer, medical director for the Center of Transgender Medicine and Surgery at Boston Medical Center, agrees. “If you are going to die without a transplant, of course you take [anti-rejection] drugs. But this is not the case here,” he says. “This is not life and death.”

 A transplant surgeon at Baylor University Medical Center who will soon be directing uterine transplant surgeries among natal women, says the hormones would likely prove the biggest obstacle. “It would really be a feat of unknown proportions,” Testa says. “I would never do this.” 

The ethical ramifications are startling in their impact on society and culture.

The mother/child bond formed while breastfeeding is meant to build a feeling of safety and security with a baby, a natural God-designed process vital in the first few weeks of a child’s life.

Now, the agenda of the LGBT community is once again demanding they be treated as a special class of citizens.

They have advocated to be treated just like others of their chosen gender, but then when their natural female instincts to give birth and breastfeed emerge, they expect to go back and forth between genders at will.

La Leche League is just the latest group to bend to the demands of the transgender community.

It is an advocacy group for women — who were born women and remain women — but like many other groups have welcomed transgendered individuals into their programs, and they are part of the problem with an entitled society who expects their every desire to be granted.

And these transgendered men not only want to breastfeed, they are becoming lactation counselors to women through the La Leche League.

It is hard to believe that a group created to support women at such a vulnerable and emotional time thinks this is an acceptable practice.

But the left and their agenda to transform society and its traditional roles now takes a natural experience and makes it a frightening and confusing one by allowing a woman who has become a “man” — but still wants to nurse “his” children as a woman – to also teach other women.

LifeSite News reported on the comments of one counselor on the hypocrisy of La Leche League:

“Can you imagine an anxious mother, struggling with her own self-confidence and changing body, having to learn the ins and outs of such an intimate process from a bearded woman presenting herself as a man?” Stanton asked. “It is an absolute violation of her innate modesty and a ridiculous expectation for her to be totally cool with it.”

Stanton concluded by noting the discrepancy between the breastfeeding organization maintaining the policy of breastfeeding “men” while having a resource in a book titled The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding.

 “They will have to change the title, declaring breastfeeding as a ‘manly art’ and feature a five o’clock-shadowed individual on their cover. That is, if they really believe their own rhetoric.”



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  1. Have mens “milk” outlawed as unhealthy as it most certainly is. And in order to be considered a “man” you must if a biological woman have your breasts lobbed off.

    • Wondering Woman says:

      Any doctor who would keep switching the hormones for a transgender to revert to being a woman or to have a baby should lose his license to practice medicine. as it is unknown what effect this switching of hormones would have on the baby being breast fed by this transgender.

  2. Carole Cobb says:

    Well see what happens when Jesus returns. Which will be soon coming!

    • mustangsallyann says:

      Indeed, and I pray that day comes soon. Every day this becomes more ridiculous, laughable when you read it and sad when you acknowledge the truth of it. There’s no words to describe how deeply sick so many people have become. Even when not participant’s they still encourage and enable the evil to thrive, grow larger, infect more people, and if you’re not strong in our Heavenly Father, it’s a given that most won’t have the strength to fight satan, the father of all evil. There’s never been a time when so many prophesies have been so quickly fulfilled. Hopefully more will wake up, as they’re time is running of time, much quicker than they know. God bless you. Sallyann

  3. Red Steiner says:

    Lol More Dim Insanity!

  4. Alleged Comment says:

    THIS is not even an issue as there is less than 1% of the population with this sickness yet the MSM likes to foist this on you through movies, your schools, your government, etc.

  5. theescotsman says:


  6. Walter Flatt says:


    • Bella Gray says:

      Term limits!

    • Mathew Molk says:

      I have had that thought myself….How ’bout an investigation? Just one problem. Where are we going to find some honest investigators? Maybe we could let a contract out to the KGB and have them do the investigation for us. – Then we would have actual Russian involvement here.. .

  7. WilliamHarrington says:

    Look at this in a positive way, they have the best of both worlds, they can have sex with both males and females thereby making more money and having a good time too.

  8. Richard Wittauer says:

    That’s it, repeal all funding to colleges, and schools that promote their own radical ideas, rather than teaching what us parents and tax payers are paying for.

    • Yeah, I am so fed up with those breeding grounds for racism, violence and hatred. Most of the Professors are educated idiots who stand around their “pulpits” in a class of 50-100 students spouting off their own BS opinions about whatever subject they are supposed to be teaching. If my son wanted that for an education he could just watch Mainstream Media News! Lol Thank God for private Christian Colleges!
      This article here- is just unbelievably wrong and making me wanna barf. I just thought the guy on TV saying 12 year old girls should be OK with seeing a man’s penis was Way too far off the Map, now THIS? I’m just glad I have no more children and my son is 18 and Saved by Grace! Amen. God Bless all of you. ??

      • mustangsallyann says:

        If we teach them of God when young, they never permanently depart from Him. They may go through a short period of questioning, it’s normal and happens with most everyone. But after a good taste of evil, they come right back to the arms of Jesus. My son’s went through an extremely short time of it, just as many others. It didn’t last 6 mos. and they came home to God and are now wonderful husband’s, father’s and son’s. Now we instill it in the hearts of our grand’s. I’m glad we never let any outside influence sway us from our goal’s, no matter how old fashioned others thought we were. We are best friend’s now, something few parents can say these days. So you keep it up no matter what anyone thinks. Your reward for all of that hard work will be children that God and you both will be very proud of always. ;o) God bless you. Sallyann

      • Richard Wittauer says:

        Good for you…. 🙂

      • Bella Gray says:

        The Communist Democrat Globalists have been setting up fake Christian church organization so they can flood in the dangerous Muslim refugees. The Federal gov’t funds churches that will aid Muslim refugees into communities. The churches and business can bring in as many as they like privately, and it does no count toward the cap set by Congress.

        It is a nasty loophole that has brought in millions more Muslims then Americans know about, and Congress cannot get a total on how many are here. According to the agencies who do know, they cannot give out that information for privacy reasons. No Communist Democrat Globalists should EVER hold office again.

        • Wondering Woman says:

          AHA! Now we see why Muslim Obama wanted to build Muslim Mosques with US treasury funds

          • Bella Gray says:

            They have clearly decided they want a war on our homeland. The gov’t officials are living in a bubble, and they never talk to the American public. They do not understand Americans are angry about these enemy invasions. They will not be happy until we’re experiencing attacks just like the EU. There are rumblings all over America about Americans taking action against these invaders and the gov’t does this:

            State Dept Quietly Increases Refugee Limits – Freedom Outpost

            Although the Trump administration has notably opposed an increase in the influx of refugees, the State Department moved in full opposition to his plans while he is out of the country, The New York Times reports.

            Refugee advocates say that the number of refugees streaming in could move from 830 per week to 1,500 per week by June as a result of the State Department’s Thursday decision, which was sent out by email to various organizations around the world that assist refugees in completing paperwork to enter the U.S.

            According to the email, organizations will now be able to bring people in “unconstrained by the weekly quotas that were in place.”

            The reason for the quotas in the first place was largely for fiscal reasons. The State Department had limited funding, and thus could only bring in so many refugees. But now that Congress has passed a bill funding the government for 2017, the State Department is less constrained, as the bill itself did not mandate any refugee caps.

            A spokeswoman told The New York Times that the State Department adjusted the quotas after speaking with the Department of Justice.

            At this point in fiscal year 2017, 45,732 refugees have been admitted into the U.S. President Donald Trump wants a maximum of 50,000 a year, but it does not seem as though he’ll achieve his goal if present trends continue.

  9. aintshegotapertymouth says:

    Men don’t bleed and they don’t breast feed … nuff said.

    • Mathew Molk says:

      I know a multitude of ways to make these “men ???” bleed and we should start using each and every one of them.

      2 years ago I would never have even thought of it but the perverts have pushed me so far I an on the verge of coming back at them like a mad wolf.

  10. The whole thing is sick. They keep asking that things be done so that they can convince themselves that they are normal. They think if they can pressure the majority into doing what makes them feel normal, they will be normal. Deep down inside they know that cannot happen so they keep asking that the rest of the world skew itself to accommodate them. Nothing will ever be enough because what they seek is impossible.

  11. xenonman says:

    Next, we’ll learn that men can give birth too! (Of course then there won’t be any need for FemiNazis anymore!)

    • They’re working on it. Transplanted uterus with a huge batch of anti-rejection drugs. Can you imaging what kind of damage a bizarre mix of anti-rejection, anti-androgen, and anti-depressants would have on any fetus unlucky enough to be implanted in that uterus? Or how many times they’d have to abort before they got one half-way normal?

  12. screw these sick bastards

    • Mathew Molk says:

      Not with Obama’s Schwartz.(If “he’s” got one)

      Lock them up in the nut farm where they belong.

  13. Bella Gray says:

    Gender dysmorphia is a disease of the mind. Since they decoded DNA they have known that every gene in the body is programmed male or female. The choice is binary. Thus by default alone their problem is psychological. Having a mentally ill person caring for a baby is a questionable safety issue.

    • Mathew Molk says:

      Agree 1000%

      • Bella Gray says:

        Yes, and these are the people who are trying to force their distortions on the sane part of the world. What is happening in America is beyond the “Twilight Zone.” The fact that they are getting away with it falls all at the feet of the Communist Democrat Globalists. Americans need to wipe all Democrats completely out of our political system.

  14. These people think the view of them has changed, it hasn’t, they’re still an abomination..

  15. These people that believe what the Left Commies are giving them will NOT go anywhere in life.They will be like sheep to the Commies that control their lives.

  16. Mathew Molk says:

    I’ll get them in real uproar,,,,,,My number 11 Red Wing boot right in their bird asses. They will have plenty to cray about then.

    Has everybody else had enough of this bullshit? .

  17. Yes, this is an issue. God will punish us all for this stupidity.

  18. Sharon Windus says:

    A male can not give birth unless he is a Sea Horse. Therefore a male can not breastfeed. The biological function of giving birth is what triggers the production of breast milk. Just how ignorant are these people anyhow? Haven’t they EVER taken a basic biology course?

    • You do know that most of them were “educated” in American public schools, don’t you?

      • Sharon Windus says:

        doesn’t matter where they were “educated”… obviously they didn’t LEARN ANYTHING! For the record.. I was educated in American Public Schools as well.

  19. There is virtually NO OUTRAGEOUS THING the snotflake college students and Millennials might be outraged about or do that would be a surprise, anymore! What an utterly USELESS generation!

  20. CommonSense4America says:

    Man,,,this world is really becoming ph uc ked up!

  21. The Capatin says:

    The obtuse and insane absurdity continues.

  22. Southerngirl says:

    The bottom line of ALL this is the FACT that it’s sickening. GOD made us who we are. I’m going to be very BLUNT here for a reason. To let these “SICK IDIOTS” know the TRUTH. I was born a woman. I could go and a specialist could sew up my female part and he could give me a penis if I wanted. Take my breasts off and with the male hormones to go along with all this other; I would look like a man. But all the surgeries in the world would NOT make me into a man. WHY??? Because GOD made me a woman at birth. All the surgeries, hormones and ANYTHING else would NOT make me into a man. I will FOREVER and ALWAYS be a woman. By doing all the things I described would ONLY make me into a “FREAK”. A sick freak that’s going to burn in HELL even after all the pain I have already went through on my journey of becoming a woman that looks like a man. But is nothing but a FREAK. It’s totally sickening. And the FACT that the Democratic party pushes for ALL this mess should show EVERYONE exactly what kind of people they TRULY are. I PRAY for all these people. They NEED to know they will stand in FRONT of their MAKER one day soon. And the words they will hear will be; “DEPART FROM ME. I NEVER KNEW YOU”. BOTTOM LINE. It doesn’t get any clearer than that.

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