Unbelievable Move Undermines The Role Of Mothers

The left has been promoting transgenderism as a cultural norm in recent years.

LGBT groups have been lobbying for, and receiving, all sorts of special rights and privileges — gained through bullying tactics and lawsuits — for transgendered men and women to be treated just like biological women.

But their latest demand crosses a line that is infuriating real women, and a woman’s advocacy group is the main culprit.

For decades, La Leche League International has given women support in the first few months of their infants’ lives with guidance on how to establish good breastfeeding and bonding techniques.

Breastfeeding is a natural nutritional and bonding experience between a new mom and baby.

But now, some women who have decided to be “men” are demanding they be allowed an experience reserved for women, once again attacking the laws of biology and God-given gender.

LifeSite News reported:

 A venerable breastfeeding advocacy group is floating the notion that men can nurse children.

Nursing is not just for moms anymore, according to a blog post from the National Catholic Register this week that included a policy statement from La Leche League International (LLLI).

“As the cultural understanding of gender has expanded, it is now recognized that some men are able to breastfeed,” the organization also stated.

LLLI has accommodated the idea of breastfeeding men since 2014 when it changed the policy, because “the cultural understanding of gender has expanded.” Therefore “it is now recognized that some men are able to breastfeed.”

The Illinois-based international organization has provided breastfeeding support for more than 60 years. Three years ago, it began allowing “men who otherwise meet the prerequisites for becoming a volunteer applicant” to be breastfeeding counselors.

Those prerequisites are organizational experience, personal experience breastfeeding a baby for at least nine months, and a demonstrated commitment to La Leche League philosophy.

That’s no misprint — men with “personal experience breastfeeding a baby for at least nine months” can apply to be a breastfeeding counselor.

One questions how this is even possible. However, many transgendered “men” have opted not to have their female reproductive systems changed by surgery.

They want the best of both worlds — to be allowed to go against God and biology to become a man in appearance and demeanor, but then give birth and nurse their babies like women.

This latest move by the transgender community has drastic implications for the “man” and child.

Dangerous hormone treatments and surgeries are allowing these transgendered men to change the biological systems of their bodies at will, at one moment taking testosterone to bring out more masculine characteristics, and the next, switching to estrogen treatments to allow their bodies to produce milk for their infants.

And these blurred gender identities are not just for “men” born as women, but also for transgendered women who have transitioned both physically and emotionally to become men, who then expect to be granted the blessings of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The medical risks alone can be catastrophic, not to mention the cost to taxpayers, and the confusion and emotional damage to both parent and child.

Scientific American reported on the dangers of biologically going back and forth between genders to become parents:

And some doctors working on the frontlines with transgender patients have expressed concerns about the ethics involved in the risks. Sauer, the gynecologist from Columbia, says that with options including surrogacy and adoption available in many locations, an experimental surgery to help patients give birth—not save their lives—seems like a huge risk. Safer, medical director for the Center of Transgender Medicine and Surgery at Boston Medical Center, agrees. “If you are going to die without a transplant, of course you take [anti-rejection] drugs. But this is not the case here,” he says. “This is not life and death.”

 A transplant surgeon at Baylor University Medical Center who will soon be directing uterine transplant surgeries among natal women, says the hormones would likely prove the biggest obstacle. “It would really be a feat of unknown proportions,” Testa says. “I would never do this.” 

The ethical ramifications are startling in their impact on society and culture.

The mother/child bond formed while breastfeeding is meant to build a feeling of safety and security with a baby, a natural God-designed process vital in the first few weeks of a child’s life.

Now, the agenda of the LGBT community is once again demanding they be treated as a special class of citizens.

They have advocated to be treated just like others of their chosen gender, but then when their natural female instincts to give birth and breastfeed emerge, they expect to go back and forth between genders at will.

La Leche League is just the latest group to bend to the demands of the transgender community.

It is an advocacy group for women — who were born women and remain women — but like many other groups have welcomed transgendered individuals into their programs, and they are part of the problem with an entitled society who expects their every desire to be granted.

And these transgendered men not only want to breastfeed, they are becoming lactation counselors to women through the La Leche League.

It is hard to believe that a group created to support women at such a vulnerable and emotional time thinks this is an acceptable practice.

But the left and their agenda to transform society and its traditional roles now takes a natural experience and makes it a frightening and confusing one by allowing a woman who has become a “man” — but still wants to nurse “his” children as a woman – to also teach other women.

LifeSite News reported on the comments of one counselor on the hypocrisy of La Leche League:

“Can you imagine an anxious mother, struggling with her own self-confidence and changing body, having to learn the ins and outs of such an intimate process from a bearded woman presenting herself as a man?” Stanton asked. “It is an absolute violation of her innate modesty and a ridiculous expectation for her to be totally cool with it.”

Stanton concluded by noting the discrepancy between the breastfeeding organization maintaining the policy of breastfeeding “men” while having a resource in a book titled The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding.

 “They will have to change the title, declaring breastfeeding as a ‘manly art’ and feature a five o’clock-shadowed individual on their cover. That is, if they really believe their own rhetoric.”