Unbelievable: School Tells Girls They Can’t Tell Boys No

Women have come a long way throughout history. And I’m not talking about modern feminism.

The woman that speaks out against immorality, the woman that votes to keep her traditional family from becoming extinct, and the woman that values herself enough to seek a righteous man, this is the progress I am speaking of.

Within the realm of self-love, a female should be taught that her desires matter. In a world of sexual fluency, boundaries and assertiveness have never been as necessary as they are today.

To the dismay of women everywhere, a school has set up a dance where they are not allowing the girls to turn down a boy if asked to dance.

This bipartisan apostasy has angered many, as word slowly got out with one mom’s revolt of such notions.

Scary Mommy reported on the outrageous school policy:

A Utah mom is upset about a school policy she recently learned about– and rightly so. The rule revolves around an elementary school dance and the fact that girls aren’t able to say “no” when a boy asks them to dance regardless of whether they actually want to dance with that boy or not.”

This seems borderline illegal. How can a school force girls to respond a certain way, and be forced to do a certain action against their will?

We are talking about a school in the United States of America, and not North Korea, so how can they get away with such a rule.

The information came to light after a parent’s daughter brought up her concerns with being unable to tell a boy “no.”

Parents were not informed of the system the school had in place, nor were they asked permission if this method for the school dance was acceptable.

Fox 13 News reported on the disbelief held by one of the parents:

When Natalie Richard’s sixth-grade daughter told her she couldn’t say “no” if a boy asked her to dance at Kanesville Elementary’s Valentine’s Day dance, she didn’t believe it at first.

“Oh no, no honey,” Richard said of her reply. “You guys are misunderstanding again. That’s not how it is.””

To follow through with Richard’s concerns she approached the teacher about the matter, only to find out to her disbelief that her daughter was correct in her understanding.

The teacher said she can’t. She has to say yes. She has to accept and I said, ‘Excuse me,” Richard relayed to Fox 13 News.

Without delay, Richard went to the principal to discuss her concerns regarding the scary policy. The principle only responded that the dance has been “set up this way” for a long time, with no problems prior to her concern, according to Fox 13 News.

This statement by the principle leads one to believe that it is not the first time that a policy such as this has been implemented at a school function.

It is highly inappropriate to force any child to have to do an action they are uncomfortable with, especially concerning interactions with the opposite sex.

The reasoning behind the school’s decision to carry out the dance this way does not give justice to teaching little girls that they don’t have a right to refuse a boy’s advances.

Fox 13 News reported on Kanesville Elementary’s intentions:

Lane Findlay with the Weber School District confirms it’s a rule, but he said it’s meant to teach students how to be inclusive.

“Please be respectful, be polite,” Findlay said. “We want to promote kindness, and so we want you to say yes when someone asks you to dance.””

This backwards way to promote kindness sends all sorts of wrong messages to young and impressionable girls and boys.

The principle thought that all areas of possible concern were covered when he said you could discuss if you didn’t want to dance with someone beforehand.

Fox 13 News reported:

Prior to the dance, which is voluntary, students are told to fill out a card by selecting five people they want to dance with. The administration says if there’s someone on the card you feel uncomfortable with, the student is encouraged to speak up.”

Young girls aren’t always so forward in romantic interests, or otherwise. It is not fair, or right, of the administration to make girls step forward to discuss who they do and don’t want to dance with.

Just plan the dance and let the kids have fun, without all the pressure and forced interaction.

There is a respectful and kind way to be assertive in what you feel comfortable with. For example, it’s not about the answer the girl gives to the boy when asked, it’s how they respond.

A boy should never be taught that it is unkind to not receive his advances. That is not teaching him to respect women and their boundaries.

This behavior only reinforces that if they are refused, the woman is impolite; and will make the boy think that fault lies with the woman and not that he may have been inappropriate, or disrespectful.

Please let us know in the comments section if you think it was wrong of the elementary school to implement such a policy, and what should be done about it.

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