Unbelievable: University Of Minnesota Tries To Stifle Conservative Speech

The First Amendment of the Constitution gives the citizens of the United States freedom of speech.

Due to this monumental freedom, we have had access to many great thinkers, and have been able to share our voice with the world.

On the flip side of such privileges, we have been subjected to some less than intelligent speakers that have added to the degradation of our nation’s intellect and moral standing.

With that being said, liberals are often discredited by conservatives, not violently made to stop using a right that they have as much as anybody else; despite how frustrating it is to hear their nonsense.

There have been several incidents in the past year where liberal fanatics tried to stop conservative speakers from even breaching the podium; specifically on college campuses.

Just to mention a few of the events that media had a lot of coverage on, USA Today College reported:

“In early February, riots broke out at the University of California-Berkeley in protest of conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos’s scheduled speech, which was cancelled because of the violence. Protesters set fire to the generators and trees, broke glass, and were faced with tear gas and rubber bullets from police

Conservative author Ben Shapiro, the editor in chief of DailyWire.com, was invited to speak at Cal State Los Angeles in Feb. 2016 by the university’s Young American Foundation (YAF). College president William Covino told YAF Shapiro’s appearance was being canceled due to students concerned that Shapiro would promote “racist, classist, misogynist, sexist, homophobic” attitudes.

Conservative actor Gavin McInnes, a co-founder of Vice Media, was met with protesters at NYU while giving a seminar for Republicans on campus in February. He spoke for just three minutes before interruptions forced him to end his talk, according to the independent NYU student publication Washington Square News. The protest on the street became rowdy and McInnes, who left Vice in 2008, was pepper sprayed, reportedly by protesters, and The NYPD was forced to intervene.”

These were all speeches that conservative students had fought to get on their campus, which is just as much their space as it is the militant left who had a hissy fit every time they were confronted with oppositional views.

The weak and pathetic argument held by those organizing the cancellations was that the campus’ “safe space” was being compromised because of views presented that may offend some groups of the student body.

The hypocrisy! What about the conservative students’ “safe space” as they are bullied and forced to hear progressive rhetoric that stands against everything this country was founded on.

Not surprisingly, former President Obama said during a 2015 town hall meeting that college students “have to be coddled and protected from different points of view”, according to USA Today.

What he meant to say, is that don’t let students hear logical and moral politics that support traditional family and stable government, lest they pull funding and support from the Democratic Party.

Unfortunately, nothing has been done to even the playing field of free speech, and Ben Shapiro is being minimized on campus once again.

The Daily Wire reported:

The University of Minnesota has decided to take the pusillanimous route, attempting to force the upcoming lecture from Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro away from venues on the main campus in order to avoid demonstrations with leftists that might erupt.”

The venue they set aside for Shapiro to present his oppositional views of the loudest student body is several miles off campus.

Shapiro wasn’t given a larger, or closer auditorium or hall because of “a scheduling conflict”, and “it is close to a light-rail line and accessible to other buildings by tunnels, thus allowing easier access for demonstrators”, said YAF’s spokesman Spencer Brown.

Basically, the University of Minnesota is saying they know the leftist mob is going to convene, so instead of protecting conservative students against the violence, the school would rather give in to being pushed around and only allow one voice to be heard.

Brown pointed out that such restrictions they are putting on Shapiro “didn’t apply to speaking events by now-disgraced Senator Al Franken or an appearance by Senator Elizabeth Warren.”

The plan to effectively quarantine conservatives on a satellite campus shows the University of Minnesota’s disregard for the free exchange of ideas and double standard when it comes to working with conservative students who wish to advance their ideas on campus”, Brown added, according to the Daily Wire.

Liberals feel they are in an elite class, where ideas flow openly and anyone who is anyone is accepted (except conservatives, of course).

The truth is, every idea is not a good idea, and many of the progressive movement looking at doing things differently, all in the name of an advancing society, are just not smart for the future of our nation.

It is dangerous to allow a violent political class to gain control of the free speech right and play judge and jury to what they find acceptable for the public ear.

Free speech is coming at a great cost. The irony, also, being that many who have fought to maintain our rights here in this nation would rather here Shapiro over Warren any day of the week; but then again, liberals are notorious for reaping from the hard work of others.

Please let us know in the comments section what you think the University of Minnesota should have done about Shapiro’s speech, and if you see a dangerous trend toward biased speech among public events.