VA Dems Back Monstrous Pro-Abort Bill Allowing Birthing Mothers To Kill Their Babies

After the New York abortion law went into effect, many feared other states would quickly follow suit and attempt to pass their own pro-abort laws.

And no sooner than the words were uttered, Virginia attempted to pass a bill so horrific it shocked the nation.

But not only did this bill advocate making abortion easier, it actually allowed doctors to kill babies as they were about to be delivered.

Let that sink in.

Full-grown babies, about to make the journey from the womb and into the world, could actually be aborted.

And the woman legislator who introduced this death star legislation actually claimed the bill would “help women”, who are mentally unable to “care for their child.”

But what does that even mean?

A woman is depressed? Anxious?

Having a bad day?

Kill the baby, if the mother or doctor so wishes or decides it’s warranted.

If this bill ever sees the light of day, her baby could be aborted, even if she is fully dilated and about to give birth.

That National Review reported:

“The bill reduces the number of doctors required to certify the alleged medical need for an abortion from three to one, and — critically — eliminates any required showing of severity before the doctor and mother can determine that the birth would impair her physical or mental health. Under the bill’s actual text, virtually any claim of impairment would suffice to meet the act’s requirements. Anxiety? Depression? The conventional physical challenges of post-partum recovery? Any of those things could justify taking the life of a fully formed, completely viable, living infant.”

There are truly no words to express the horror of this bill.

Truly, pure evil is being promoted as good.

But every leftist legislator is looking to make a name for themselves by aligning themselves with the pro-abort crowd.

So they’re trying to score points by introducing legislation such as this.

How a woman delegate could advocate a fully dilated mother about to bring life into the world to work with her doctors to murder her child, is the ultimate expression of the hardening of hearts towards all that is good.

If you can stomach watching Delegate Tran publicly admit her bill allows babies who are about to be delivered to be killed, you can see for yourself below.

Conservatives feared New York’s abortion law would open up Pandora’s box, and we were right!

Thankfully, at least for now, this bill isn’t going anywhere.

Live Action reported:

“Virginia’s Repeal Act will not move forward. Live Action News reached out to Rep. C. Todd Gilbert’s office who said the bill will not leave the subcommittee and no action will be taken on it. The Washington Free Beacon said the Repeal Act “when put to a vote… was defeated” and The Daily Progress reports that it was killed. The Washington Times and other sources are reporting that the bill has been tabled or suspended.”

But don’t pop the champagne and celebrate just yet.

While it’s true the bill may be placed aside for another day, make no mistake, the war is not over.

Republicans only govern with a slight majority in Virginia.

In addition, pro-aborts are determined to expand abortion, all in the name of “helping women.”

And you better believe abortion beasts like Planned Parenthood are bound to raise up resources and funnel money into states (like Virginia) to help elect pro-abort legislators to pass horrific legislation like the one introduced this week.

Elections really matter, and they have consequences.

It’s absolutely sickening, a woman can stand up for the world to see and advocate for the killing of babies, fully grown, even up to delivery.

And if that makes you furious, Virginia’s own Governor took it a step farther – and said he’d even be okay with full-blown infanticide.

As Mommy Underground reported, his statement left no room for error, on how little he values human life.

Virginia has certainly turned from its red roots.

Apparently after receiving public outcry and days of media backlash, Delegate Tran has since recently “walked back” her statement claiming she “misspoke.”

Make note – she didn’t walk her statement back right away – it was only days later once she found out how the nation reacted to her statement did she try and soften the blow.

But its too late – her words were already said, and now the public knows how she really feels.

And to those of you who value life, get ready to fight the battle of a lifetime, our unborn babies need all the support they can get.

Their lives truly depend on it.

What are your thoughts on Virginia’s attempt to pass through a bill allowing babies to be aborted, as the mother is giving birth?

Do you think more states will attempt to follow suit?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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