Victory Over Planned Parenthood And It Could Happen Again

The pro-death camp has been berating public schools with their perverted propaganda and warped agenda.

Leading the pack of ravenous wolves is Planned Parenthood, with their flock of rich and depraved followers who fund a neverending flow of executions.

Fighting the organization away from our families has been an uphill battle…until one group broke the barricade and defeated a faction of their regime.

In California, concerned parents in the Anaheim chapter of the group MassResistance has stood up to the abortion giant, Planned Parenthood, and has prevailed, according to Activist Mommy.

MassResistance is a conservative organization founded by Brian Camenker that aims to protect values beneficial to the family unit by opposing abortion, LGBT culture, and bullying.

There needs to be more organizations like this to give hope where parents feel they have been stripped of control in their child’s education.

Out of all the liberal states in the US, California has been most widely known for their progressive ideals that are damaging the lives of its citizens.

You would think that California would be the last place where a conservative group would be able to push a district up to a moral high ground, but they did it!

It is inspirational to see how it is possible, through hard work and perseverance, to rid an evil like Planned Parenthood from your children’s school.

This is not the first, and hopefully not the last time, that this particular chapter of MassResistance has warded off liberal attacks.

Shanda, the chapter leader, had a monumental victory for families in the area when a week-long “transgender indoctrination program in elementary schools” was stopped, Activist Mommy reports.

It is deeply saddening that the left will warp any mind that they think will progress their agenda, even if it is an innocent child.

Soon after, her chapter got a LGBT program out of the libraries and had a hand in a pro-LGBT activist calling it quits on the school board.

So, when the Anaheim chapter of MassResistance heard about Planned Parenthood getting involved in their school district they got to work.

They began by attending two school board meetings in March to voice their concerns.

MassResistance reports on the defense they told the school board:

they told the Board lurid stories of graphic homosexual sex, pro-abortion counseling, and other ‘instruction’ that Planned Parenthood was giving their children. And they talked about the difficulty of getting a copy of the curriculum from the school.”

In May, they showed up to another school board meeting, attesting to the horrific things their children were still be exposed to in the schools.

Shanda showed the Board members all about “various California statutes that the Board was violating by allowing this, and by having such an overtly biased curriculum,” according to Activist Mommy.

It’s bad enough that children are being forced to participate in LGBT events, and that they are being told about graphic sexual exchanges before they are old enough to even process what they are, but now they are being made to watch actions no human should ever have to endure.

Organizational Director of MassResistance and parent, Arthur Schaper, told the Board (as if they didn’t already know and playing ignorant) about a rape video that was being shown as part of Planned Parenthood “education” material.

After a long, hard fight for the minds of our youth, Planned Parenthood’s sexually explicit curriculum was banned from all schools within the district.

This victory should echo throughout the nation, to let other organizations and parents know that it is possible to have a voice in your children’s education.

It is a parent’s responsibility to watch out for the best interest of their child; heart, mind, body, and soul.

There is an immense need in districts around America for parents and educators to speak out against liberal powerhouses like Planned Parenthood.

They think that they can take the lives of unborn children, and the minds of the ones who were blessed enough to escape their deadly clutches.

Not anymore! Parents are stepping in, in an amazing way, showing that the values this country were founded on are here to stay.

Please let us know in the comments section what you think of the small conservative group’s triumph over Planned Parenthood.







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