Warning: If You Are A Christian Mom – Facebook May Ban You From Posting

One of the beautiful things about being a Christian is being able to share the Gospel with others – whether in person or on social media.

Many Christian moms often post to sites like Facebook, demonstrating how God is working in their family, or write out prayer requests so their friends and family can pray.

But according to Facebook, Christians shouldn’t post their prayers publicly, and if they do, Facebook is taking drastic options to stop them.

According to Facebook, seeing Christian prayers is now deemed as “hate speech” and will be censored.

Yes, that’s right.

By simply posting a prayer online, Facebook could deem you as a hateful person and prohibit you from being able to post.

As if Christians should be forced to only pray at home, and not in public.

Even though being able to exercise freedom of religion is one of the most cherished rights of every American.

With LGBT activists continuing to attack children, one group decided to speak up and say something.

A member of a group called Warriors for Christ posted a prayer online, asking for protection over children.

Facebook deemed it “hate speech” and refused to let it stand.

Conservative Firing Line reported:

“The prayer simply read, “I command the demons of perversion and witchcraft to leave the minds of those precious children right now in the mighty name of Jesus.”

Facebook responded by saying the prayer “goes against our standards on hate speech so no one else can see it.”

To start with, Facebook is more than willing to promote pro-choice ads that advocate killing unborn babies.

Ads fill the newsfeed from leftist sites like Moveon.org, promoting abortion while claiming to be “pro-women”.

And let’s be honest, Facebook is more than happy to share pro-LGBT propaganda, hoping to sway our young precious children to adopt the perverse “transgender” way of life.

Sick ads are targeted at teens and women, and Facebook turns a blind eye.

The truth is, Facebook is blatantly inconsistent, willing to let every leftist cause post, yet at the same time calling Christians “hateful” for posting prayers.

Moms, don’t stand down.

Darkness will always try and shut out the light, but Jesus is stronger.

Facebook may try to censor Christian moms from posting, but if enough light is shined into their hidden practices, they’ll be forced to back off.

Liberals truly have a double standard – they claim to be “tolerable”, yet try and silence anyone who dares to disagree with them.

If a Christian mom wants to post a prayer request on Facebook, she should not fear having her account shut down for promoting “hate speech.”

Facebook’s latest action reveals just how far society has truly taken a dangerous turn – evil is considered good, good is labeled as evil, and all sense of goodness and morale has been lost.

Will you let Facebook silence your posts?

Why do you think Facebook has it out for Christian moms?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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