We Must Stop Labeling And Drugging Our Kids For Acting Like Kids 

In the good old days, kids would run around enjoying an active lifestyle and no one thought anything of it.

Sure – many had trouble staying entertained in the car and might have been distracted at school wanting to go outside for recess – but adults never gave it a second thought.

But lately, the medical community and even some parents are quick to zap the life out of children with heavy drugs and the dreaded “ADHD” label.

A kid can’t pay attention in class? ADHD.

A child has a hard time sitting still in church? ADHD

It seems as if kids are expected to always pay attention and act like robots, and heaven forbid they should want to go outside and play.

Sadly, many parents who think they are helping their children buy into the doctor’s opinion that something must be wrong with their child because they are hyper or easily distracted. 

So they agree to give their child drugs to help them “behave” and “calm down.”

Children on ADHD medication who were once full of life and energy suddenly become zombies.

And everyone thinks they’ve “solved the problem.”

But what happened to kids being kids?

Children learn best when they are able to explore, ask questions, and challenge the status quo.

Playing outside and getting out energy is completely normal.

Now, it is true some children may truly struggle to pay attention. 

But before jumping to drugs, figure out what else is going on.  

Maybe they are actually too advanced for the class they are in, and are not being challenged.  Or, maybe the class is too advanced for them and they are lost and need tutoring.

Sometimes little adjustments in academics can solve the problem.

Likewise, if you signed up your child for music lessons and they can’t seem to focus – consider a hobby change! Let your child tell you what they are interested in and never force your dreams onto a child. 

If your child tells you they like art – support their hobby and encourage their creativity.

Marilyn Wedge authored the book called “ A Disease Called Childhood: Why ADHD Became an American Epidemic” and spoke to the unintended consequences of needlessly drugging children.

Time reported:

“But in giving children ADHD drugs are we also reshaping their personalities and asking them to give up something basic to their authentic selves? By nature, young children have a lot of energy. They are impulsive, physically active, have trouble sitting still, and don’t pay attention for very long. Their natural curiosity leads them to blurt out questions, oblivious in their excitement to interrupting others. Yet we expect five- and six-year-old children to sit still and pay attention in classrooms and contain their curiosity. If they don’t, we are quick to diagnose them with ADHD.”

Sadly, she’s right.

And as more and more adults attempt to drug children and make them into robots who simply obey – it’s almost guaranteed these children will become dependent on drugs in their teens and as adults to “make them okay.”

Instead, if kids are allowed to be kids, it might surprise adults how their energy and passion can truly change the world.

What are your thoughts on doctors jumping the gun claiming every hyper child has ADHD?

Do you agree drugging children to calm them down can have disastrous consequences?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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