Weinstein’s Corruption Runs Deep, And The Cover-up Will Shock You

The Weinstein scandal sent shockwaves throughout the world.

Some wondered how a man could get away with sexually assaulting so many women, while others blamed women for not speaking up sooner.

But when Weinstein’s shady past is finally blown open, the massive cover-up that took place to shield his dirty deeds will shock you.

Even worse are the journalists and Hollywood Elite that covered it up.

In fact, some even went so far as to protect a sexual predator, even if it meant throwing innocent women to the wolves.

The women didn’t speak up, because they were terrified of retaliation.

It’s a classic case of manipulation and terrorization of sexual assault victims.

LifeSite News reported:

Fellow executives helped mask Mr. Weinstein’s behavior going back to 1990,” the New York Times explained.

 Weinstein quietly settled sexual misconduct lawsuits with disgruntled women.

He also had journalist friends dig up dirt on his victims to discredit them. Agents told actresses Weinstein harassed to keep quiet lest they damage their careers.

 Weinstein regularly threatened those who might expose him, saying things like “You know what I can do,” and “I am a man who has great resources.”

He threatened an assistant with “personal information” he “somehow knew” about her and her family.

He fired those who complained about having to bring unsuspecting women to his hotel rooms for meetings.

 Other assistants displayed a “chilling detachment” with which they helped Weinstein manipulate his victims, the report says.

 “Mr. Weinstein held off press scrutiny with a mix of threats and enticements, drawing reporters close with the lure of access to stars, directors and celebrity-packed parties,” the New York Times reported.

 “Some journalists negotiated book and movie deals with him even as they were assigned to cover him.”

 “Minutes before” the New York Times published its first report on Weinstein, which sparked the downfall of a number of media and political elites over their covered-up sexual harassment and assaults, “he called the reporters who wrote it.”

There are no words.

Weinstein actually assaulted women, then had the nerve to “dig up dirt” on them, in an attempt to discredit them.

How low can you go?

His pompous attitude of threatening women with being a “man of power” often terrified women to silence.

And as the abuse went on, Hollywood covered it up.

This is evil at its purest.

He abused women, threatened them if they spoke up, and then tried to cover it up.

In fact, Weinstein attempted to take his corruption into the political world, posting about his connections to Obama and Hillary.

And, he even pledged over 100,000 to Planned Parenthood.

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LifeSite News continued:

“Mr. Weinstein’s political activity” on behalf of Clinton and Obama “boosted his image as a man with friends in high places and close ties to the country’s leading female politician. It is not clear if rumors of his record of sexual misconduct had ever reached them.”

Weinstein was working on a documentary about Clinton until the allegations came to light.

 He pledged a $100,000 donation to abortion giant Planned Parenthood in May. The abortion company denies that Weinstein ever fulfilled that pledge.”

 It’s a good thing Weinstein was exposed for the sexual predator that he is.

Why do you think journalists covered for Weinstein?

Do you think he should go to prison for his crimes?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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