What Happened In This “Transgender” Church Will Literally Shock You

Pastors are known to have a lot of influence on American culture.

Often times, broken people turn to them for guidance and direction. Others look to them as a moral sounding board for a world gone astray.

But one Pastor went off the deep end, and instead of rebuking the issue, the church celebrated it.

It all started when a female Pastor decided she no longer wanted to be female and insisted she was a man, who should be called “Peter.”

One would think the church would send her off to get counseling and address the mental disorder.

But they didn’t.

Not only did this Lutheran church not do so, they actually “celebrated” her “transition.”

The Bishop, who is above her, even went on to call her a “he” which further adds to the gender confusion.

And now, the “transgender” Pastor, is claiming she feels accepted and loved because the church embraces her choice.

She went on to add all of this started because Donald Trump became President and she needed to be “silent no more.”

The Daily Wire reported:

“Bishop Bartholomew has been equally supportive of the transition.

“I support Pastor Beeson coming to the realization of who he really is,” she said.

Beeson came out as transgender last summer, which she said was “even more important” due to the recent election of President Donald Trump.

“Both I and this congregation thought it was even more important because of that; to be a bold voice that says, Christians also believe transgender people are good and created in the image of God,” said the pastor.

The name Peter was a purposeful choice for Beeson, telling ABC 7 Biblical, “Peter’s persistence resonated.”

“I am grateful to be in a congregation in part to be a bold witness to God’s mercy and grace,” said Beeson.”

Celebrating a female Pastor’s “transition” to become a male is not only morally incorrect, it’s dangerous.

Taking the message of grace, and using it as a weapon to condone sin is something very serious which the church should be held responsible for.

Embracing a “transgender” Pastor sends a warped message to confused people who may be struggling with gender dysphoria, that it’s okay to be entangled in sin, as long as its backed up by words like “love and grace.”

And to elevate a person to leadership, and claim it is all in the name of God, is spiritual abuse and a complete twisting of God’s Holy Word.

True love speaks truth, and points people back to God’s word, without encouraging them to love the sickness of their sin.

This story points to a dangerous reminder of the seriousness all Christian conservatives face in the culture war.

The LGBT community will not stop until their way of life infiltrates every school, church, and business.

To those who still hold traditional values, the time to be silent is no longer an option.

We must speak out before it’s too late, or America will truly hit the point of no return.

What are your thoughts on the church embracing their “transgender” pastor?

Do you think she should be allowed to be a Pastor now that she claims she is “transgender”?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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