What LGBT Activists Did To This Christian Teacher Will Infuriate You

One thing is clear, LGBT activists are determined to push their agenda into the school system by targeting impressionable children.

Typically, leftist teachers happily promote the pro-LGBT agenda by teaching “transgender” lessons, which further confuses children and leads them down a dark path.

But when one openly Christian teacher addressed his student as her female biological gender and called her a girl, you won’t believe what happened.

You see, this teacher was doing his job, encouraging his students.

In fact, his class was composed of top performers, which demonstrates his competence to seeing his students succeed.

But the school he taught at is vehemently pro “transgender.”

And even though this Christian teacher respected the rules by calling each child by their name, instead of using terms such as he and she, but it wasn’t enough.

He made a “mistake”, and he got suspended.

And now, he might lose his job.

But what was his crime?

He didn’t do anything other than call a girl, a girl.


By simply referring to a female as a female, leftist LBGT activists now have his head on the chopping block.

LifeSite News reported:

“On November 2, he made an honest mistake.

Trying to encourage the hard work and improvement of a group of female students, which included one who has declared herself transgender, Sutcliffe told them, “Well done, girls.” 

He immediately apologized to the gender-confused student and said his blunder was unintentional. Nevertheless, that slip of the tongue may cost him his job, and cost his students a beloved teacher.

The girl’s mother issued a formal complaint against Sutcliffe for “misgendering” her would-be-male daughter. It wasn’t her first complaint about Sutcliffe’s Christianity.

 “This is the second time that this parent made a complaint about me. The first time was for handing out Christian leaflets at the gay pride march,” Sutcliffe noted. “No other parent has made a complaint about me.”

School officials began an investigation and cut off Sutcliffe from his students, forcing him into “isolation” in the staff room.

The school concluded Sutcliffe was guilty of “misgendering” the student, “demonstrating discriminatory behaviors” and violating “the school’s equality policy.”

Sutcliffe was suspended.

Sutcliffe criticized the way his honest mistake was treated.

“The aggressive way in which transgender ideology is being imposed is undermining my freedom of belief and conscience,” he said, “as well as the conscience of many people throughout our nation who believe that gender is assigned at birth.”

This incident shows how far the radical pro-LGBT community is willing to go to force their agenda onto all.

They don’t want equality. They don’t value all people. They only respect those who agree with them.

Even though this teacher was respectful, he may now lose his job.

A teacher shouldn’t have to worry about being fired for referring to a girl as a girl.

If leftist thugs have their way, all teachers who don’t 100 percent comply with their way of life will be eliminated.

Do you think this Christian teacher should be fired for referring to a female as a female?

What are your thoughts on “gender neutral” pronouns such as “Xe” or “Xir”?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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