Women’s Day Had A Lot Of Mixed Reviews

Women in the United States have been making waves in the media, and in the workplace as movements such as #MeToo, Time’s Up, and the recent Women’s Day #PressForProgress take on weight.

March 8th marked another global Women’s Day, celebrating the achievements of women throughout history and today.

There is much to take notice of as sexual predators are being weeded out of Hollywood, and women everywhere are gaining the strength and courage to step up to injustices they face.

The day has come to be known as a day of activism for women across the globe, to protest the mistreatment or inequality of women in any way; calling for the reformation of industries and individuals who show disrespect of women through pay, violence, and other means

Women’s day began as a quest for equal pay, but today, with feminism flourishing, it is also used as a platform for liberals to spout illogical arguments for their “right” to kill their unborn children.

All across the globe women tried to change long-standing moral legislation in favor of abortion rights.

New York Times reported:

“As thousands of students marched in Milan on Thursday morning, one group broke off to chant slogans in front of a hospital, protesting the majority of Italian doctors who refuse to perform abortions, even though it is legal.”

These brave doctors, who choose to make the right choice despite the status quo, are being attacked for moral proficiency.

Italy isn’t the only country under attack against the coming generation of children. The Washington Post reported:

Tens of thousands of people marched in Argentina’s capital on International Women’s Day to condemn violence against women and to demand equal rights and legalized abortion.

The demonstrators Thursday banged on drums, chanted slogans and carried flags and banners along the streets of Buenos Aires, marching in front of the Congress building. Many women wore green handkerchiefs symbolizing the abortion rights movement.

Argentina allows abortion only in cases of rape or risk to a woman’s health. But dozens of Argentine lawmakers from several political parties presented a bill Tuesday that would legalize elective abortion in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy.

Some demonstrators lay on the streets motionless while wearing white shirts stained with red paint to look like blood. The banners next to them read: “While you debate, we die.”

Argentina’s government is debating because they know it is a big deal to change legislation to be able to murder your baby, and citizens shouldn’t want rash, and speedy decisions by their government.

Lives are only being saved while time is delayed during the decision to legalize abortion or not, and if anyone is dying because of their selfish and unintelligent choice to perform an illegal abortion, that is not on the government.

It is sad and unfortunate that countries that had preservation, morality, and sanctity of life written into their constitution are being called unjust and “behind the times.”

The qualities that make a country great are trying to be stripped by progressives who lack true vision to see the detriment and atrocities they are creating.

Women today who chant the echoes of the loud liberal women next to them, don’t understand the severity of their actions, killing the youth of tomorrow in the name of helping women today.

Conservative women need to speak out on these days of recognition, honoring traditional values of women.

Speaking not only about the rising respect we are receiving as essential members of society, but about the beauty of our gift to bring children into this world, and our option to be a homemaker.

This Women’s Day did contain a few headlining events, the first to be feminist falling out of their chairs because a woman was captured doing her job on Women’s Day.

A woman was captured cleaning the words “Happy International Women’s Day” off of Oxford University steps, which was thought to be ironic, according to Time Magazine.

Another big headline from this Women’s Day was how a couple of big fast food names made some big marketing changes to show their support.

McDonald’s flipped their classic “m” arches upside down at about a hundred chains to show a “w” for Women’s Day, and KFC in Malaysia traded the classic face of the colonel for his wife Claudia’s.

These grand gestures did not get the media coverage the company was hoping for, as many individuals pointed out how their practices stayed the same.

Wages at these fast food companies are notoriously low, and employees are often not treated fairly.

Maybe the thousands they spent on flipping a letter or face around, should have been spent on women’s wages.

With protests going on around the world, nothing was seen to be accomplished in that one day, but the ripples women are making for respect and honor will be seen in days to come.

Let’s not forget the strong conservative women of history that paved the way for women, and humanity, such as Harriet Tubman, Margaret Thatcher, Susan B. Anthony and many more.

The liberal feminist may be louder, but conservative women have more of a ground to stand on.

Please let us know in the comments section what you thought of this Women’s Day, and what you think of its media coverage.







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