Women’s Team Facing Backlash For Anti-Family Stance

Professional athletes taking a stand for their political beliefs is nothing new.

Since the election of President Trump, liberal sports figures have used their celebrity status as a soapbox for their views.

But now one women’s team is promoting an event that is an affront to all women.

The WNBA’s Seattle Storm is one of the few national teams “owned by women and coached by women.”

But instead of using their team to promote positive changes for women, they are supporting an organization that does more harm to women than perhaps any other.

The New York Times reported:

Professional sports teams work with other businesses and organizations all the time. But the W.N.B.A.’s Seattle Storm announced on Thursday that they were wading into the current political climate in a way that contrasts with the practices of many other sports teams: a partnership with Planned Parenthood.

Dawn Trudeau, a co-owner of the team, said she had been frustrated by her inability to “make a meaningful impact on the national health care debate.”

“Obviously, we are progressives, so throughout this year we’ve had conversations about what was going on in the country, and what we might as individuals might do about it,” Trudeau said in a phone interview, regarding conversations she had with her partners.

She said that when one of the partners went to a Planned Parenthood event, “a light bulb went off there, that this was an organization we should do something with.”

The women of the WNBA seem to believe that all women support their stance.

But instead of being role models for young women, they are actually sending the message that the abortion giant saves lives instead of destroys them.

And at a sporting event where many parents bring their children, especially young girls, the message they are sending has a devastating effect.

When asked about the possibility of losing fans for their support of Planned Parenthood, one Storm owner dismissed the idea, basically stating they didn’t care what happened.

Veritas reported:

Seattle Storm co-owner Dawn Trudeau was dismissive about losing or offending fans, saying, “We talked about it. What’s the worst-case scenario? Would we alienate season ticket-holders? Would we keep people from coming to the games? Would we take media hits? We went through all of that and decided we would deal with whatever came up.”

WNBA players have backed a host of progressive causes in recent years, including the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

And these players continue to perpetuate the myth that Planned Parenthood provides medical care for disadvantaged women.

One WNBA player stated:

“As always, I’m so appreciative of a league that not only embraces our diversity but our status as women,” Chicago Sky center Imani Boyette said. “Planned Parenthood is vital for women who don’t have access to standard health care. I was a P.P. patient in high school because I didn’t have health insurance. Taking a stand for things that affect the underprivileged, as a league and women of privilege, is how change happens.”

But the team is already facing backlash from fans.

Many families who had planned to attend their games are now staying away.

LifeSite News reported on the careless disregard of the WNBA by promoting social issues that are damaging to women:

Not all fans are happy with honoring a business that aborts more than 324,000 children a year. “Are there any heterosexuals in the WNBA? This might account for their institutional disregard for babies,” James Bryson commented.

“Corporate WNBA has a fiscal interest in keeping their players free of that ‘pregnancy thing’ … too disruptive to the ‘main thing,’ making money,” Bryson added.

Jay Maxson at NewsBusters puts the promotion into perspective. “Planned Parenthood has been hauled into courts in 10 states for refusing to report the rapes of underage girls — because it just wanted their money for doing abortions,” Maxson charged. “All the athletes in the world can’t help Planned Parenthood. It needs lawyers. Lots of lawyers.”

It remains to be seen what effect the campaign to support Planned Parenthood will have on ticket sales.

But what is becoming apparent is that Americans are fed-up with their favorite teams using sports as a social justice podium.

Most people attend sports events to escape all the negativity in the news and the hatred spewed by the left.

The Seattle Storm may find themselves playing in an empty arena if they continue to push their agenda on fans.