You Will Never Believe The Services This Latest App Provides

The culture of death in the U.S. has seemingly become commonplace.  Since the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize abortion in the Roe v. Wade case of 1973, the unborn have been slaughtered in record numbers.

Especially in the last few years as the left has further indoctrinated our culture and destroyed traditional values, birth control and abortion have become just another service – a commodity to be peddled with no restrictions.

Now, the youth of America who have grown up with technological advances and leftist propaganda on social media are being offered a disturbing new service that further negates the value of life and reinforces the “me first” culture that has overcome our nation.

Activist Mommy reported:

It is apparently not enough that many forms of birth control and the “morning-after pill” are available over-the-counter and at doctor’s offices for women across the country, a Silicon Valley start-up thinks that it should be delivered to a woman’s house like a pizza using an app akin to Uber.

Nurx, a Silicon Valley start-up which launched in 2015 operates in 15 states, offering females over the age of 12 access to the Pill, the Ring, Plan B, and Ella.

You read that right – a new app allows girls as young as twelve to order birth control and abortifacient drugs like the “morning after pill” in the same meaningless manner they would order a pizza or take-out.

Not only does this careless service encourage women – including teens and young girls – to have unprotected sex, it allows them to kill an unborn baby who may be already developing in the womb.

The leftist company who has developed this app says it is trying to “break down the obstacles” that women face when requesting birth control or the morning-after pill – “obstacles” like going to the doctor or submitting a claim to their insurance company.

Teenagers, so used to obtaining any good or service in a few seconds on their smartphones, are now able to have birth control immediately delivered to their homes, as well as drugs they may request to kill their unborn child.

The app requires no verifiable proof of age, and even if it did, already allows very young girls to order their products.  Pro-life activists in Texas and North Carolina are pushing to bring awareness to the dangers of the app.

In addition to targeting a teenage demographic, with no parental consent required, the implications can have other tragic consequences.

The medications offered over the app can have dangerous side effects and are given without any medical supervision whatsoever.  Children, teens, and young women may be taking a medication they know nothing about and suffer serious health complications.

Activist Mommy continued:

 “You usually have a pharmacist, licensed facilities, and an administrator double-checking guidelines” for women getting emergency contraceptives, John Seago, legislative director for Texas Right for Life said.

Morning after pills like Plan B and Ella are marketed as though they simply prevent conception, but they can in some cases terminate a fertilized egg before implantation.

“We believe life begins at fertilization,” Seago said. “That’s the point where we have an individual, and morally that’s who we want to protect.”

Tami Fitzgerald, executive director of the NC Values Coalition, takes issue with the services Nurx provides as it “contravenes the right of parents to be involved in something as intimate and dangerous as taking a pill that induces abortion.”

As Life Site News reported last year, this concern is shared by the American College of Pediatrics, who warned parents about Nurx, which encourages sexual activity among incredibly young girls and offers them unmitigated access to birth control without the supervision of a doctor.

Nurx is being called the “Uber” of birth control due to the ability to order the service with a swipe of the phone.  The fact that there isn’t even an attempt to regulate its use by minors is shocking.

It seems that in this digital age, anyone can buy or sell anything online with few legal ramifications.  The company who started Nurx simply looks at it as a business venture, giving women “what they want.”  But this latest assault by the left is putting these women – and especially any innocent unborn children conceived in careless disregard – in danger.

The ramifications of this latest “convenience” are vast.  Teen sex is further encouraged and will have fewer consequences, and if there are any, they can be erased as easily as placing a dinner order for delivery.

What do you think of this outrageous and shocking new business and the ease of which these services are accessed by our young girls?  Leave us your thoughts in the comments.


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