You Won’t Be Surprised Which State Is Fighting Homeschooling

When it comes to far left legislation, and extreme liberal precedents, there is one state that has taken home the win on more than one occasion.

You have guessed it! The state of California is the model liberal state.

And now, they want to control homeschooling, which threatens to put this form of education on the bottom of the pole, along with everything else they have taken over.

Activist Mommy reported:

While at this point, homeschool laws are relatively minimal in the People’s Republic of California, lawmakers wasted no time leveraging the horrific discovery of the 13 beaten, abused, and malnourished Turpin children as an opportunity to introduce homeschool regulations that were much more in line with California’s fascistic legislative trends.”

In Perris, California the Turpin family was homeschooled and suffered horrendous mistreatment.

The La Times reported on their situation that occurred in January 2018:

The Turpin children were so socially isolated that when a neighbor spoke to them outside of their home two years ago, the children were startled and seemed scared. They were so malnourished that the oldest child, age 29, has the body of an underdeveloped 15-year-old. And all of this happened while the family was in compliance with California’s homeschool laws.”

While stories like that of the Turpin family are appalling, they are an anomaly in the homeschooling community.

Mommy Underground reported a more detailed story of the incident that the left is using as ammo against homeschoolers across the nation.

Research has proven this to be true, with data to support that homeschooled children are less likely to be abused than the general population and that they have less fatalities.

National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI) reported on abuse rates in homeschooled children:

The limited evidence available shows that homeschooled children are abused at a lower rate than are those in the general public, and no evidence shows that the home educated are at any higher risk of abuse.”

The Homeschool Effect has finding that would support the NHERI research reporting that, “Legally homeschooled students are 40% less likely to die by child abuse or neglect than the average student nationally.”

It has gone to show with California’s past bills that data and facts do not attribute too much to what becomes law.

The liberal state is more concerned with how the law feels to them, and how far it can push immoral and nonsensical ideas.

There are a couple of bills trying to be worked through state assembly currently on homeschooling.

Both would try to force homeschooling families to operate under the hand of California opinion of what education should look like.

Activist Mommy reported:

Right now, two bills in the California State Assembly would reform home-schooling,” NPR reports. “The first is AB 2756, a bill introduced by Jose Medina, the assemblymember whose district includes Perris. In the bill’s initial draft, Medina included a provision that would require the Fire Marshal to inspect home schools once a year – but that met with quick resistance.”

Assembly member Susan Eggman, a co-author of Medina’s bill, introduced another bill mandating that the state create an advisory committee to suggest reforms to the home-school system. That could be anything from home inspections to credentialing teachers to setting specific curriculums. The bill itself wouldn’t make those changes – that would be up to the legislature – but it’s still got some home-school advocates opposing it,” explains NPR.”

Fighting on the front line against these harmful bills is the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA).

Advocating for the freedom to educate our children at home, HSLDA warns that such bills would give California,

raw power to regulate private homeschooling, opening up even the possibility of home visits to observe the children and instruction and to inspect the home as the place of instruction.”

California is using the Turpin family scenario to generalize a problem with homeschooling that simply doesn’t exist at large.

Namely, that “Homeschooling parents cannot be trusted because there is not enough government interactions with their children, which leads to abuse and neglect”, according to the HSLDA website.

As Mommy Underground revealed, liberals are targeting innocent, well-to-do families for the Turpin’s actions.

The implications of California setting guidelines for homeschool curriculums could be worse than one would think.

Education ratings in California are extremely low, with the state falling tenth to last in national averages, according to Mercury Times.

This has caused many families to seek alternate educational environments, as reported by Mommy Underground.

Homeschoolers, without public education interference, score higher in generalized testing than public school children, according to research published in the Canadian Journal of Behavioral Science.

If you live in California, be aware of their attempts to strip yet another freedom from you, as they aim to regulate and control all aspects of your life.

An attack on homeschooling is an attack on the family, on the rights we have as citizens, and on our rights as parents.

Please let us know in the comments section how you feel about California’s attack, and if you think it will stop there.

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