You Won’t Believe The Real Reason Some Teachers Are Hiding The Truth Behind 9/11

This week, as America solemnly mourned the loss of innocent life on 9/11,the world joined in unison and remembered the act of terror that shook the world to its core.

Teachers explained to their students the history and sheer evil of Muslim extremists, who hated America and everything she stood for.

However, not all schools are teaching children what really happened on 9/11. In fact, some schools in the U.K. were actually terrified to speak the truth, in fear of backlash.

But what would cause a teacher fear of speaking the truth?

Political correctness.

As it turns out, teachers in the U.K. were afraid to teach their students the truth about 9/11, in fear of upsetting or offending Muslim parents.

So instead of admitting Muslim extremists caused America harm, teachers in the U.K. chose to bury the truth.

The DailyWire reported:

“The United Kingdom lost 67 citizens that day. But some U.K. teachers are simply too terrified to teach their students about the attacks because they fear a backlash from Muslim parents, a leading expert in counter-extremism education told The Telegraph.

Kamal Hanif OBE, who was appointed by the Government to turn around three schools at the heart of the “Trojan Horse” scandal, said that some teachers have a “misplaced” concern that they will cause offence if they raise 9/11 in the classroom.

He said that some teachers — particularly those who work in schools with a high proportion of Muslim students — see it as a contentious topic and shy away from teaching it.

“Teachers sometimes have a fear that this might be controversial,” he said.

“[They think] if we teach about this we might get Muslim parents objecting.”

Mr Hanif, who is executive principal of Waverley Education Foundation and has advised the Department for Education (DfE) on combating counter-extremism in schools, said that such views are misguided.

“There is a fear [among teachers] but it is not really grounded in anything,” he said.

“It is based on their stereotypical view of a community as opposed to the reality. It is very misplaced. It is an assumption.”

The horror that took place on 9/11 shouldn’t be hidden from children, all because teachers fear political correctness.

Muslim extremists did, in fact, attack America, and more British citizens died during that terrorist attack than any other.

During this dark moment in history, children should be taught pure evil does exist, and there are radical extremists who wish to cause others harm.

Rewriting history or glossing over facts will not change what happened.

Children deserve to hear the truth, regardless if teachers feel “uncomfortable” speaking it.

The Telegraph reported:

“Sir Steve Lancashire, the chief executive of a multi academy trust which is piloting the materials in its 55 primary schools, said a lot of teachers feel “uncomfortable” about the legacy of 9/11.

We need to address the nervousness of teachers to teach this kind of subject. Teacher don’t feel well equipped on facts – there are a lot of conspiracy theories, a lot of misinformation,” he said.

The superhead said teachers are scared that they will be accused by their students of being Islamophobic if they try to teach about 9/11 and its legacy.

It’s children saying ‘you are attacking Muslims, you are attacking our faith’, that kind of thing,” he said.

Lord Nash, the schools minister, said that teaching about 9/11 and its aftermath at school is crucial for efforts to prevent children being groomed by extremists.

He said it is “very important that schools do this “because otherwise children may get frustrated” and look elsewhere for explanations.

“Our job is to ensure that our children are educated in school so that they are less likely to be radicalised outside of school,” Lord Nash said.”

If teachers don’t speak up and teach what happened, they are only creating more of a problem, as students will come to their own conclusions.

Teachers need to teach the facts, or get out of the school system and let other teachers step in who won’t cower in fear at “political correctness.”

Do you think teachers should refuse to teach students Muslim terrorists caused 9/11, in order to keep things “politically correct?”

How would you want teachers to describe to their students the truth of what actually happened on 9/11?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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