You Won’t Believe The Statements Made By This “Pastor”

It is hardly unusual in today’s divisive political climate to find that opinions and beliefs are skewed to serve an agenda.

We usually know which side of the aisle most people fall on depending on their views and public statements.

However, recent statements from a religious leader were so contradictory and ironic that it is hard to believe.

Methodist “pastor” Alicia Baker testified in front of the Committee on September 7th, voicing her opposition to Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the High Court.

She was invited by none other than notorious left-wing Senator Dianne Feinstein to demand that employers should be forced to provide birth control to their employees.

Baker, who claims to be a pro-life Christian, thinks that refusing to provide birth control to anyone who wants it is “anti-Christian” and does not allow for women to lead their “lives to the fullest.

Because apparently this pastor believes that a child is a choice, an inconvenience, and that employers should pay for women to avoid pregnancy.

In her testimony, she even quoted John 10:10 where Jesus says, “I have come that you might have life, and have it to the full’’ — to drive home her point.

Baker shared her personal struggle with not having access to employer-paid birth control.  She testified that,

I was denied insurance coverage of birth control because of my insurance company’s religious beliefs. I share my story today because the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh jeopardizes access to affordable birth control for countless individuals nationwide.

Judge Kavanaugh has shown his willingness to prioritize the religious beliefs of employers, universities, and insurance companies over the beliefs and personal decisions of individuals,” according to the Senate Judiciary Committee transcript of her testimony.

So this church leader and self-proclaimed “devout Christian” woman thinks that it goes against Christian values to allow businesses to deny birth control in their insurance plans?

But this pastor doesn’t seem to understand what the issue is here.  “Birth control” as a covered medical expense can also include Plan B and Ella, “emergency” contraceptives that are used if a woman thinks she may have “accidentally” become pregnant.

In other words, abortifacients that will terminate a pregnancy – a life that begins at conception.

She also makes an absurd comment in her testimony, that

My faith dictates that I must speak out on behalf of the millions of women who stand to lose access to affordable birth control if Judge Kavanaugh is confirmed. As a person of deep faith, I would never impose my religious beliefs on anyone – and no one else should either.”

We’re confused.  Doesn’t the Bible tell us to go out and share our faith and spread God’s word?

And isn’t a pastor’s job to share the Gospel and gather believers together to worship and witness to others?

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Yet Baker doesn’t want to impose her religious beliefs on anyone.

She doesn’t like Kavanaugh’s stance on Religious Liberty or his opposition to forcing companies to provide drugs that can end a pregnancy disguised as “birth control.”

And even though she doesn’t believe she should impose her beliefs on anyone, she wants the government to force companies to go against their religious beliefs – something the Supreme Court has already ruled unconstitutional in the Hobby Lobby case.

One would think that a Christian pastor would uphold conservative, Christian values.  But not Alicia Baker.

It seems obvious that Baker is not a conservative Christian since one of the most liberal Senators in history personally invited her to help derail the confirmation of a conservative candidate – who would create a conservative majority – in the U.S. Supreme Court.

Bipartisan conflict in Congress has sunk to a new low, and Alicia Baker should probably rethink her profession.

What do you think of Pastor Alicia Baker’s contradictory testimony saying that companies who deny birth control coverage are “anti-Christian?”  Leave us your thoughts.