You Won’t Believe This Woman’s Brutal Attack On Stay-At-Home Moms

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Many women choose to stay at home and care for their little ones.

But according to one liberal – these women should be ashamed of themselves.

Ripping into stay-at-home moms, feminist Jill Filipovic went so far as to call these hard-working moms unambitious, and even claimed they were setting a “bad example” for their children.

Taking out her rage towards moms, Filipovic wrote a lengthy Twitter rant and railed into moms who made the decision to stay home and raise their children, tweet after insulting tweet.

The Daily Wire reported:

“I realize this is like the third rail of the Mommy Wars, but yeah, lots of super-ambitious people marry other super-ambitious people because they’re attracted to ambition,” she wrote. “I would have a really, really hard time being married to a spouse who chose not to work.”

Um, excuse me?

Clearly this out-of-touch feminist has no idea just how hard the job a stay-at-home mom actually is!

Many moms manage the entire household – not to mention caring for little ones, even homeschooling them in some families.

This is on top of wearing a dozen different hats, making sure all the balls in the air don’t get dropped.

Instead of sending their children to a daycare of having a stranger raise them – these moms are putting in the hours to train their children and teach them.

Being a stay-at-home mom is like doing the job of 5 different people (at least) – except you don’t get paid for it!

But Filipovic continued on her rant, claiming moms who didn’t work outside the home were setting bad examples for their children.

The Daily Wire continued:

“And now I am really going to get myself yelled at, but I also think the issue of example-setting for a kid is a totally fair one,” Filipovic said. “What example are you setting when dad works for pay and mom does the care work at home? Lots of reasons not to want to set that example for a child.”

Um… setting the example of having a husband provide for his family, while the mom raises her children during the day is not something to be ashamed of!

On the contrary, what kind of example are women setting for their families when they choose to work 12-14 hours days away from home, only seeing their children for an hour or two each evening before they go to sleep?

Children need their mothers.

It’s utterly amazing, that feminist women claim to be all about “women’s rights” – yet they bash women who choose to not follow the same career path as them.

In other words – be a feminist and denounce traditional family values – or get mocked.

And there’s nothing “empowering” about insulting an entire group of moms who lovingly sacrifice their own ambitions to care for their families is something to praise, not tear down.

To those moms who stay at home and raise their families – keep on keepin on!

Hold your head up high, you are doing the Lord’s work and having to be ashamed of.

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