You Won’t Believe What These Nurses Did In This Video

Nurses are the backbone of the medical community. They often work long hard 12-hour shifts that keep them on their feet all day and receive little thanks or recognition in return.

We have all seen stories about a nurse going above and beyond to help a patient.

These six nurses are no exception. When disaster hit, they immediately jumped into action to save their tiny patients.

Imagine for a minute, if you will, you are a new mom who just delivered your first baby.

The nurses take the baby to the nursery for a little while so you can get some rest after a long hard labor.

But then you awake in terror. The room is shaking, things are falling, and your baby is out of your sight.

It’s an earthquake and all you can do is wait to be reassured that your baby is okay.

That is similar to the reality of several moms in one hospital.

The origins of this video are unknown, but in it, you will see six heroic nurses with lightning fast reflexes jumping to hold on to numerous babies in the onset of an earthquake.

While they have a hard time staying on their feet, they showed no struggle to keep the babies from falling out of their bassinets.

Can you imagine what could have happened without these quick-thinking nurses?!

The bassinets could have toppled over, causing the babies to fall onto the floor and putting them in infinite danger.

Think of the things that could have fallen on them. They could have been stepped on.

A newborn’s body, the head, and neck especially, are so fragile!

It is clear to see why this video is going viral.

These nurses are heroes!

Do you have a story about a nurse you want to share?

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And here is the amazing video:

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