You Won’t Believe Who Is Defending A Recent Trump Announcement

Every day, another liberal attack on President Trump’s policies pops up in various media outlets.

The left has made it their ongoing mission to poke holes in every decision the Trump administration has taken.

But now, some very surprising people are coming forward to defend a recent announcement by President Trump.

The decision to ban transgenders from serving in the military has drawn the ire of liberals as “discriminatory.”

But several transgendered individuals explain why the decision is in the best interests of the military and the nation as a whole.

LifeSite News reported:

 A biological male who identifies as a “transwoman” said he supports President Trump’s decision to ban “transgender” individuals from serving in the Armed Forces.

Edie Dixon said he is “very satisfied” with the decision because trans individuals have no more “right” to join the military than any other “medically reliant” group of people.

“We are no better than diabetics. We are no better than asthmatics. We should be disqualified at enlistment because we are medically reliant,” he told Blaze TV yesterday. 

“This is Trump showing he is a president for equality, because this isn’t about transgender people, this is about transgender treatment,” he added. 

Members of the transgender community realize their transition causes both psychological and financial distress for them and those around them.

They note the high levels of stress related to the surgeries, hormone therapies, and other medical procedures.

And they explain the exorbitant financial costs associated with gender transition — costs which the American taxpayer should not have to cover, and which the military should not be burdened with when our soldiers are in need of so much other support.

The financial costs take away from programs helping disabled vets or from much-needed equipment to keep our military safe and strong.

And the psychological stress not only affects the transgendered person but all those around them.

In a profession where military personnel must depend on and trust one another for their personal safety, the very lives of our servicemen and women could be in danger.

LifeSite News continued:

Noting the high suicide rate of “transgender” people, and that “gender dysphoria” is classified by the American Psychiatric Association as a “psychological disorder,” a former drill sergeant said, “A psychological disorder bans you from any type of military service.”

“Guess what? Color blindness disqualifies you from the military. Are we… ‘discriminatory’ towards color-blind people?” he added.

“So I don’t see this as being discriminatory in any way, shape or form,” he says. “There has to be a line drawn in the sand — a standard and force that cannot be crossed by any means,” he concluded. 

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“When I discovered Congress voted earlier this month to not block funding for transgender-related hormone therapies and sex change surgeries, I wondered if it considered how devastating this will be to the fitness, readiness, and morale of our combat-ready troops.”

The left looks at Trump’s transgender military ban as a personal attack, when in reality, it is a practical decision based on ability to serve.

As is the case with any physical or mental health issue, the transgender military ban is a means to keep our military personnel healthy, strong, and fit for the stressful situations they may encounter.

LifeSite News concluded:

When asked about if LGBT activists can be intolerant, Dixon, who calls himself a “devout Constitutionalist,” replied: “Now it feels like the Left has flipped flopped. It’s all hypocrisy. They are not for tolerance anymore. They are against free speech. It’s not [an] equal rights movement anymore. It’s a political agenda movement. It’s a liberal agenda movement.” 

Dixon said that Trump’s new ban is part of his promise of keeping Americans safe. 

Trump is doing a “great job” in keeping Americans safe, he said. “We don’t need any more political correctness in this country. We need truth, and we need safety,” he added.