You Won’t Believe Why This Christian Man Was Thrown In Prison

When one Christian businessman saw a dangerous situation unfold, he decided to act.

Seeing a desperate mother trying to save her daughter he decided to intervene, and as a result, he was thrown in jail.

But once you learn the reason why he was locked up, you’ll be infuriated.

And it’s no surprise, LGBT activists were behind his arrest.

It all started when one former woman who previously identified as a “lesbian” found Christ.

It’s true what the Bible says – when a person is in Christ, the old has gone and the new has come.

Those of us in Christ are truly new creations.

And this woman wanted to shed her former life of sin aside, and begin anew.

So naturally, a mother’s first instinct is to protect her child.

Being the mother and having custody of her child, she wanted to take her child to a safe location away from her former “partner”, who is still an active homosexual and was demanding to see the child.

But the courts insisted her former “partner” and current practicing lesbian should have visitation rights, even though the woman was not the mother of the child.

The court should have let the mother raise her child, without forcing a child to see an active and practicing same-sex lifestyle.

And not only was this woman a practicing homosexual, she was said to be abusive, causing the child to act out and even want to “kill herself” after spending time with this woman!

But yet again, the courts decided to put the interest of the LGBT agenda above the best interests of a child.

So when Philip Zodhiates, a 61-year old businessman saw the situation unfold, he decided to help.

Taking the woman and child to safety and away from a sexual predator, he drove the mother and child out of the United States and into Canada.

And as a result, they locked him up.

LifeSite News reported:

“Zodhiates argues not only that he broke no laws, as Miller had full custody of her daughter at the time and neither were under any travel restrictions, but that he was helping protect the child from abuse that judges and prosecutors willfully ignored.

Miller herself told LifeSiteNews in 2008 that she had dissolved her civil union with Jenkins because she had treated her abusively, and Isabella began displaying signs of abuse after subsequent visits with her.”

LGBT activists are infiltrating every area of society.

They are polluting our schools, with their pro-LGBT agenda.

They’ve infiltrated the entertainment industry, trying to make same-sex relationships seem “normal.”

But now, pro-LGBT judges are locking up Christians.

However every Christian knows, suffering is part of this world.

When asked how he coped with the prison sentence, here is how the Christian businessman responded:

LifeSite News reported:

So prison has been expected all along. But that’s OK. We are all to expect it, and count it all joy,” he said. “God promises to bring us through the trials and tribulations, and I have to say, it’s drawn me closer to the Lord in a tremendous way. He wants to bring us to the point where we are totally dependent on Him, where nothing we can do can make any difference.”

It’s a sad day when courts choose to back the LGBT agenda at the expense of a child.

But if runaway judges continue to call the shots, sadly, this won’t be the last time.

Do you think the Christian businessman should have been thrown in jail?

Why do you think courts are so quick to back the LGBT agenda?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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