You Won’t Believe Why This College ‘Valedictorian’ Dropped Out 2 Weeks Before Graduation

20-year old Gio Managadze had it made.

In just 2 weeks, Gio was set to graduate from the University of Maryland and was to be honored as valedictorian of his class.

The world was at his fingertips.

But then he did the unthinkable.

Instead of walking across the stage to graduate with his peers, he decided to fail his finals and drop out of school.

But what would make a future valedictorian drop out just 2 weeks before graduation?

According to Gio, he felt graduating would “hold him back” from being an “entrepreneur”.

In a bizarre letter to his parents, Gio claimed he failed his classes on purpose and dropped out to pursue his dream of becoming a CEO.

The Daily Mail reports:

“This semester I have finally understood that my true passion and dream is to become a self made entrepreneur. A CEO. That means I want to start my own company. From scratch. Without a degree. Without getting a job anywhere. And become a self made entrepreneur.

‘Why am I getting a degree if my dream is to not have a degree? I don’t want a degree. I don’t want any job that requires a degree, ever. To me, a degree and any job that requires a degree, is an escape plan from my dreams. I don’t need escape plans from my dreams. I don’t need a back up plan in my life. I don’t need a safety net. I don’t ever want to work with anybody who thinks having a degree is more important than being fearless…

‘Why are most people unable to become successful entrepreneurs? Because they don’t persevere. After a few ideas and start ups fail, they give up on their dream and get a job with their degree. Guess what? By not getting a degree, I completely eliminated the option of giving up on my start ups and getting a job from my entire life. I will literarily [sic] never ever even have the option to give up, literally ever. I will make my dreams come true or I will literally die trying. That’s how passion works,’ he writes.”

Gio’s letter listed the “leaders” he looked up to which included Barack Obama, Eminem, and Ellen DeGeneres and credited them as the ones who inspired him to pursue his happiness and “success”.

But young Gio is in for a rude awakening with the real world.

If he desires to be a CEO, he should understand CEO’s finish what they start, and they certainly don’t have knee-jerk reactions.

Leaders don’t purposely fail and sabotage their future to prove a point.

The liberal millennial generation has a deranged sense of entitlement, not understanding hard work leads to success.

But now Gio must face the consequences of his decision.

In the letter to his parents, Gio begged his parents not to disown him, admitting he had no money and still needed a place to stay.

The Daily Mail reports:

“Please don’t disown me yet though. I really need a place to stay before my start ups get funded. I don’t even have money for food right now. I’m literally almost always broke. I literally get the ‘Your account is below $15’ email from Bank of America on a weekly basis. I currently have in my possession 1 US Dollar, 10 Canadian Dollars, and about 20 bucks in my bank account. That’s all the money I have in the world.”

Millennials are the future of our country.

It’s up to all parents to “train a child in the way he should go”, in order to encourage teens from throwing their lives away.

Prudent decision-making is a skill, and is needed to be successful in this world.

Gio’s parents should refuse to take him in and teach him there are real consequences for his ridiculous decision to throw away his future.

Do you agree with Gio’s decision to drop out of school 2 weeks before graduation? What’s the one message you would want him to learn in this situation?

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