Young Boy Exploited By Mom

Having a child is a big responsibility, you are to clothe them, house them, and feed them at the very basic level.

However, to really help children thrive in life they need to be given direction, boundaries, and taught the difference between right and wrong.

When parents lack this conviction, the sinful nature takes over and children don’t know what to do with that, leading some like one young boy to do unthinkable acts.

Desmond Napoles, or “Amazing Desmond” as his stage name denotes, is an eleven-year-old boy who performs drag shows for grown men at gay bars, as Mommy Underground has previously reported.

These men not only hoot and holler at the little boy, cheering him on like pedophiles, but they throw money at him like a stripper.

Performances, such as the one at 3 Dollar Bill in New York, where Desmond dresses up as Gwen Stefani, can be seen on YouTube for all the morally degenerate to watch at any time.

You have probably been screaming to yourself “Where is his mother?”

We have now learned that the story surrounding Desmond Napoles is more than just a pawn used by the LGBT community to push their agenda.

The sad truth is that she has been right there on the sidelines the whole time, watching her son prance on bars in sexually suggestive attire, dancing inappropriately.

In a horrific revelation, Desmond’s parents say they are so proud of their son for his cross dressing and drag shows.

Just as one would expect, the liberal mainstream media is singing the praises of the “youngest drag queen”.

Good Morning America and the Today Show brought Desmond on as a guest while the audience cheered wildly.

In an everything-is-backwards world, the hosts of the popular televisions shows applauded Desmond’s drag shows, and his ability to “be himself”.

When asked by the host of Good Morning America how his parents support him, he responded “by letting me do whatever I want.”

This is not good parenting! Any expert would tell you that children need boundaries, rules, and expectations in order to feel safe and secure.

Marianne Neifert, M.D. reports on Parenting:

No matter how often children act as if they want to be in control, having too much power is frightening. They intuitively know that they need an adult to be in charge, and they count on their parents to guide their behavior.”

We can see the ill effects of a child not being guided in Desmond, who only in a short time went from a child who loves trains, according to his Good Morning America interview, to having money thrown at him in a gay bar while dressed as a woman.

As if it can’t get any worse, Desmond was allowed to be interviewed by convicted killer and drug user Michael Alig, according to American Conservative.

Alig was played by Macaulay Culkin in the movie Party Monster that took place in the 90’s at the height of Alig’s popularity as a “club kid”.

During this film, the gruesome acts of Alig were recreated as he and a friend bludgeoned a man to death with a hammer, and then saved the body for days before chopping it up and throwing it into a river.

A shorter sentence was given to Alig in hopes that his drug dealer would be caught, thus how he is out of prison already doing disturbing YouTube shows.

What mother willingly allows their child to sit in a room with a man like that to talk about how they are engaging in behaviors far beyond their comprehension?

Unfortunately, a mother who is making money by exploiting her child.

Both of Desmond’s parents are unemployed, and have a GoFundMe page dedicated to them that friends and family started.

The GoFundMe page claims “managing Desmond has taken up the bulk of Wendy’s time”, according to Activist Mommy.

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This is supposed to be a reason that she can’t get a job, because she has to take her son around to solicit money from older men with sexually suggestive material.

One of Wendy’s excuses for allowing her son to behave the way he does, according to a Facebook post, is that he is autistic and picking out outfits to wear “helps” him.

Desmond is on the autism spectrum….But at the end of the day, this 10-year old boy has been able to overcome his disorder’s symptoms and behavior issues and become successful in pursuing his interests. He likes dressing up, dance, voguing, and fashion design. HOW ARE THOSE INTERESTS HURTING YOU??? Please, someone explain that to me. Frankly speaking, it takes most people until their adulthood to figure out how to live with any disorder or disease. Desmond feels most focused and comfortable when he is designing his outfits and dressing up. It helps his autism and helps keep his behavior under control, which means he has a high quality of life right now. If it helps with the autism and hurts no one around him, why is this so wrong? How is this criminal? How is this bad parenting?”

It’s hard to believe that she ended the post in “How is this bad parenting?” Oh, let us count the ways.

At eleven years old, the brain is not even close to being fully developed. This little boy doesn’t have a clue what he has got himself into, or the lifelong repercussions his actions will have.

All he knows is that he has found something that excites his neurons and provides him with a lot of attention.

This is supposed to be why we have parents, to have the foresight needed to prevent children from hurting themselves, emotionally or physically.

It is heartbreaking to see this young boy exploited in this manner, and hope that one day he will realize what his behavior is promoting and change his life around; because we know his parents aren’t going to be the one to help.

Please let us know in the comments section what you think of Desmond’s behavior and how it impacts those who see it.