Young Boy Regrets His Decision To Become “Female”

A young boy decided he no longer wanted to be a man and wanted to live life as a woman. With his mother’s support, he went ahead with the process to become a “female.”

But then he changed his mind.

However, now it’s too late. Tragically, this young boy is now forced to live out the horrific consequences of his decision, and will now face the unthinkable.

It took his classmates calling him a girl, to snap him back to reality, and make him realize he didn’t like being called a girl.

But since he started taking estrogen pills, he started to grow breasts and began looking like a female.

And now, this young male, who looks like a female, is caught in the middle of his decision with nowhere to turn.

LifeSite News reported:

“Patrick Mitchell’s story will be on Australia’s 60 Minutes on Sunday. He gave an interview to Women’s Day explaining how being called a “girl” actually made him realize he was comfortable as a boy.

He will now be undergoing surgery to remove breast tissue that grew as a result of him taking estrogen.

“I felt like I was on the right track to becoming a girl,” Mitchell told 60 Minutes.

But earlier this year, being referred to as “one of the girls” made him realize “I was actually comfortable in my body…

“I was a trans kid myself,” Walt Heyer, founder of, told LifeSiteNews via email. “This story about Patrick is more proof the trans-activists doctors have no way to prove who the trans-kids are and who are not.”

But they have no problem going “recklessly forward with treatments.”

“What we do know is through persistent, frequent affirmation by parents, doctors and schools we can make kids think they are transgender,” said Heyer. “When there is overwhelming support of cross gender identities any child will eventually develop symptoms of gender dysphoria. Patrick was fortunate because he ‘came out’ and acknowledged he was comfortable in his boy body.”

But the emotional trauma and scars this young boy has accumulated are gut wrenching.

All because reckless parents let a young child move forward with a decision.

Even worse, when the young boy realized he had made a mistake, he was terrified to tell his mother, in fear of letting her down!

As if he should feel guilty for wanting to live in his biological gender.

Women’s Day reported:

“In the beginning of 2017 however, Patrick started to have a change of heart when a female tutor referred to him as “one of the girls” during a lesson.

“I began to realise I was actually comfortable in my body. Every day I just felt better,” Patrick says.

“I wasn’t nervous to tell Mum of my decision – she’d been so open and supportive of me in my transition.”

In fact, to his devoted mum, he is one of the bravest boys in the world. Even though his decision to transition back to a boy initially surprised her, she was also inspired by Patrick’s courage.

“I felt my heart sing in that exchange,” says Alison. “That moment between parent and child when you know it’s taken every drop of courage for that child to speak up… I didn’t know what the coming days would bring, but I knew his thoughts had caught up with his body.”

Children and teens often go through a varying degree of identitycrises. Many teens still don’t know who they are, and are trying to find their place in a big world.

Allowing a child to make the decision to alter their biological sex is unconscionable.

This mother should have taken her child to counseling, instead of allowing, and encouraging him to transition into a female.

Thankfully, the young boy came to his senses, but it’s a little too late.

While he can try to undo some of the physical choices of his decision, his emotional scars will take longer to heal.

What are your thoughts on a mother allowing her teenage son to transition into a “female?”

Do you think this boy will be able recover from the trauma?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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