Young Female Conservative Reveals A Growing Force in American Politics

Left-wing media will have you believing that the younger population in the nation is progressive.

It is typically thought that the older generations are archaic in their politics, placing outdated views of family over individualistic freedoms that modern society holds dear.

However, a new wave of recognition is making its mark on the bureaucratic scene. Young women are speaking out about their conservative perspective, and American is listening.

It is a false assumption that being conservative means that you are not pro-women, educated, or racist.

Liberals just don’t like any oppositional opinions and create a straw man fallacy in attempts to degrade the Republican Party.

Young people are realizing this fallacy is played over and over again by Democrats and are not falling victim to their tactics.

One young woman, Vianca Rodriguez, is a prime example of a smart, ethnic Republican, who is unapologetic about her views, and knows each one to be validated.

In a winning essay Rodriguez, an Arizona State University student, wrote for the #ShesConservative 2018 Network of Enlightened Women Essay Contest, college category, she explains her position with vigor and intellect.

The Washington Examiner reports on Rodriguez’ words:

I am a strong, conservative woman, and my conservatism is based on the ideals of love, respect, education, and security. It is a privilege and blessing to be born in a democratic republic where individual rights are truly respected. I appreciate that I live in a country where no one should live in fear of possessing a specific viewpoint because they know they are protected by the Constitution and will not face discrimination, and where different cultures blend together to mourn tragedies and praise the more positive traditions of this country.

For these reasons, I consider myself a patriotic, proud, conservative female.”

A liberal would think that the person declaring such a position was a white nationalist, not knowing what it is like to be discriminated, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Rodriguez is Puerto Rican, and sees past the superficial remedies liberals offer for social reform.

The “proud” conservative Latina continues to write:

One would think that because I am Latina, I should automatically be a liberal feminist, but I am not. I do not believe in false identity politics as a means to garner true social reform, because it is superficial. What we really need to be doing is emphasizing common human needs and seeking equal rights for all human beings irrespective of their race, gender, culture, sex, or disabilities. To truly believe in equal rights for men and women, we must be willing not to degrade male counterparts and push to include their perspectives while working together across all areas of policy.”

Rodriguez makes a great point here. Wouldn’t it be devaluing the woman if liberal feminists feel the need to knock the man down a peg in order to create equality?

A strong woman knows that a man and a woman’s unique offerings work synergistically to move society forward in a productive and cohesive way.

Not unlike many other conservatives who were brave enough to speak frankly among liberal elitist, Rodriguez has faced attacks for her defense of traditional family values, and the concept of working hard for what you get, not expecting a handout.

Rodriguez adds:

“I have dealt with attacks up close and personal, as well as constant online/offline bullying by those on the Left, against my freedom to talk about conservative values on campus. They feel entitled to censor my beliefs because they “offend” theirs.

I have been called names. I have been called ignorant, a bigot, and even a traitor to my own “people” (as in, to my Puerto Rican culture)..

I support lower taxes for hard-working citizens, such as my grandparents who, to this day, work tirelessly from early morning to midnight every day at a bakery they own just to provide an opportunity for us and those less fortunate in a small town populated by so much poverty and corruption. They provided the necessary experiences for me to witness that money is earned, not given, nor grown on trees.”

In her own words, Rodriguez has “defied all kinds of stereotypes regarding female conservatives.”

Being “old-fashioned” does not mean you are “ill-informed” as media tries to make one believe,as Rodriguez explains on the Washington Examiner.

For quite some time it was reported that Republicans have a “young-people problem”, according to Time, with the media portraying that the party has difficulty reeling in young voters.

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The reality of where young Americans fall on party lines is shocking to ignorant citizens who assume that being young means you have to be liberal.

In 2016, many young voters made it to the polls to make sure their desired president, Trump, made to the Oval Office, with 37% of young adults voting for the current POTUS, and 48% of white young adults following suit, according to Time.

In general, conservatives continue to present the views of most Americans, with voting tends outnumbering liberals 35% to 26%, according to the Gallup Polls.

You are not a bigot for being a conservative, who is being left behind as progressive America evolves without you.

You are relevant, you are timelessly in line with proven principles created upon the conception of this world.

Conservative women have a voice, an intelligent and valued voice, that resonates in the hearts of every hard-working mother, wife, sister, and daughter.

Please let us know in the comments section what you think about Rodriguez’ words, and how the growing number of young female conservatives will affect future voting outcomes.