Your Laundry Detergent Might Be Killing You, Literally

The scent of fresh laundry hot out of the dryer is known to invoke a feeling of comfort and cleanliness.

After all, what could possibly be the harm of using scented dryer sheets and laundry detergent to wash and dry your clothes, right?

The answer may shock you, and will hopefully cause you to think twice before picking up that lavender scented “perfume” detergent.

Here’s the sneaky thing most manufacturers try to hide.

If you look on the back of your laundry detergent bottle, you may see a list of ingredients including simple words like “perfume” or “fragrance.”

But seeing that simple word on any of your products, not just laundry detergent, is a warning something is seriously wrong!

You see, manufacturers can hide anything behind that simple word, as they don’t have to disclose what actually composes that particular perfume or fragrance.

Claiming it’s “proprietary”, you can bet the “perfume” is made up of dozens of cancer causing chemicals.

And not thinking twice, you pick up that product and douse your clothes in it, and then wear them throughout the day.

When tests were conducted measuring what actually comes out of the laundry vents of those who use scented products, the results were alarming.

CBS News reported:

“This is an interesting source of pollution because emissions from dryer vents are essentially unregulated,” said lead author Dr. Anne Steinemann, professor of civil and environmental engineering and of public affairs at the University of Washington, said in a written statement. “If they’re coming out of a smokestack or tail pipe, they’re regulated, but if they’re coming out of a dryer vent, they’re not.”

 Previous studies have looked at what chemicals are released by laundry products, since manufacturers don’t have to disclose ingredients used in fragrances or laundry products.

 Needless to say, these researchers weren’t thrilled with what they found.

 For the study – published in the August issue of Air Quality, Atmosphere and Health – researchers enlisted two homeowners to volunteer their washers and dryers, which the team scrubbed clean beforehand.

The researchers ran a regular laundry cycle for three scenarios in each home: once without any detergent, once with a scented liquid laundry detergent, and the last with both scented detergent and a leading brand of scented dryer sheets.

 Their analysis found more than 25 “volatile” air pollutants – including the carcinogens acetaldehyde and benzene.

 Benzene causes leukemia and other blood cancers, according to the American Cancer Society. Acetaldehyde has been shown to cause nasal and throat cancer in animal studies.”

 In addition, laundry perfumes are the number one air contaminant in households across the country.

Yet many families continue to buy scented products off the shelves, thinking the perfumes are harmless.

But they aren’t just somewhat harmful, they are downright dangerous.

The perfumes continue to emit gasses into the air after they come out of the dryer until they are washed again – contaminating the air and your body through your skin.

And since your skin is the largest organ on your body, it absorbs each substance it comes in contact with quickly!

But don’t fret just yet mama, there is hope.

If you’re wondering if you have to give up the luxury of lavender scented clothes, the good news is, you don’t!

Looking for a way to get your clothes clean and smelling good at the same time?

Try making your own products, with natural essential oils!

Wellness Mama has a simple recipe.

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Simply mix together 1 grated castile soap bar, 1 cup of borax, 1 cup of washing soda, and a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

Stir them all together and store in an airtight jar, and you’re all set.

If you don’t want to make your own, make sure to buy unscented products.

And remember ladies, no amount of perfumed laced clothes, is worth wearing known carcinogens on your body.

Are you shocked to realize most laundry detergents are laced with so many chemicals?

What steps will you take to change the way you do laundry?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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