3 Ways To Shake Up The Holidays – Because We Need Something Fun To Look Forward To This Year

This year has been anything but normal.

While the kids still eat, sleep, play, poop, and cuddle (not particularly in that order), their social life has been grossly affected by the pandemic.

So, this holiday season you will want to make it extra special for your little ones, so they remember more about this year than everyone wearing masks like some weird sci-fi movie- and we have just the answer!

You do not have a “normalcy bias” if you choose to reject the negativity the media is shoving down your throat concerning the state of our nation’s health, despite the labels liberals are putting on those who try to create a stable and secure environment for their families, as Mommy Underground has previously reported.

Think You May Be Able To Shop Without A Mask Again One Day- Then You Have A ‘Normalcy Bias’

Winter getaways are difficult this year with all the travel restrictions and stay-at-home orders in place around the country.

So how do you hold on to traditions and share special moments with family with less income and less visits from grandma?

It’s all about getting creative!

1. Begin a new family tradition

Some neighbors may be wary of door-to-door caroling, and your favorite trip to the mall to visit Santa may look a little different this year, but don’t dismay.

The start of something new is always fun and exciting for children, so find a family tradition everyone can get on board with.

Better Homes and Garden had some great suggestions, like getting matching family pajamas, start an advent calendar, or fill a gratitude jar.

Focusing on all the blessings we still have will help us gain perspective and appreciate all the things we still do have in our lives, all while making our children better little people in the process, as Mommy Underground has previously reported. https://mommyunderground.com/5-ways-not-to-spoil-your-child-through-the-holidays/

2. Go digital

While not smelling Auntie Jill’s favorite perfume or getting giant candy bars from grandpa when he walks in the door is irreplaceable, seeing their smiling faces is the next best thing.

Some states are trying to tell residents they are not allowed to see their family during the holiday season, which is completely ridiculous and an obvious overstep of government power, it may scare off some relatives from making their yearly visit.

There are many digital platforms available now to connect with loved ones all over the world, and they are so easy even your mom will be able to navigate this one.

So, connect online with family and leave the screen open during presents or even dinner to hear their corny jokes about your ham being too dry when you present dinner, or to have the grandparents be able to see the surprised faces of their grandchildren opening presents Christmas morning.

3. Go wild with the decorations

Nothing distracts a child like a plethora of bright lights and colors!

This year is the one you step up your decorations game to give the kids something new to look forward to.

Let every branch be dawned with vibrant color and put festive décor in each child’s room, allowing them to offer advice and add their own touches.

If grandma always has a mini village, fully equipped with a train and little dolls to represent each family member sitting on the dining room table for all to marvel at, then that could be a goal for your family this year to bring a piece of her in the home.

Whatever new way you decide to shake it up this year, the family is sure to enjoy the twists and surprises you give.

Make this year just as memorable as all the others during the holiday season and bring a little extra light into the lives of your children with one of these special touches.

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