4-Year Old With Special Needs Experiences A Moment Of A Lifetime

Children with special needs want to be just like any other kid, and 4-year old Wyatt Burggraff was no different.

Little Wyatt was born with spina bifida, which led him to be in a wheelchair unable to enjoy the same moments as his peers.

But one day at a local gym everything changed when a trainer gave little Wyatt the experience of a lifetime.

One would think a child in a wheelchair wouldn’t be able to enjoy a trampoline, right?

After all, how could they jump?

As it turns out, a highly trained gym official was able to work with little Wyatt allowing him to remain safely strapped in his wheelchair, while the trainer bounced him high in the air!

Despite the initial hesitation of the 4-year old, the gym staff was patient enough to work with Wyatt and encourage him.

And once Wyatt was in the air, he was delighted and was heard saying “faster” as he bounced in the air!

But how was the gym able to accommodate Wyatt?

As it turns out, since inception the goal of the gym was designed to be inclusive and provide recreation for both typical children and those with special needs!

ABC News reported:

“Kim Pladson, the executive director of the TNT Kid’s Fitness & Gymnastics, said when the gym was founded she dreamed of a place where people of all abilities could come together. She hoped to “transform the community.”

Judging from the smile and laughter of little Wyatt, it appears the vision has become a success!

Some businesses are quick to dismiss families raising children with special needs, not wanting to bother with adapting their facilities.

But the mom of little Wyatt was touched at how affirming the gym staff are consistently to her precious son.

Faithwire reported:

“They tell him he is strong, brave and courageous,” she said. “When Wyatt has gone through medical issues — getting an IV or MRI we can say to and draw on that experience and say ‘you can do hard things.’”

There is no greater joy for a mother than to watch a stranger love and accept their child for who they are.

Those that work with special needs are truly incredible people.

They see the same potential in these precious children as their parents do, after all, kids just want to be kids.

And while some are so quick to dismiss children with special needs, this trainer took the time to work around Wyatt’s disability and because of his kindness little Wyatt was able to experience the thrill of jumping high on a trampoline in his chair!

While this story is heartwarming, there is still a stigma many moms who are raising children with special needs face.

And while physical disabilities are easier to see, children who have intellectual disabilities like autism are often overlooked, or even worse criticized.

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Let this story be a joyful reminder to us all to give children with special needs the same chance we’d give any other child.

The video of Wyatt jumping went viral and has been shared multiple times all over social media.

Check out the sweet clip below!

What are your thoughts on having a gym accessible for children with special needs?

What was your favorite part about the video?

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