6 Easy Ways To Show Gratitude This Thanksgiving 

When we think of Thanksgiving our minds instinctively go straight to our stomachs with the buffet of delectable pumpkin pies and savory green bean casseroles.

But hidden behind the turkey and laughter is a deeper meaning to this special day.

Thanksgiving Day is more about recognizing all the blessings around us, and sharing all we are grateful for. 

Start a tradition this holiday of narrowing in the focus on gratitude. Getting the whole family to participate will bring you closer than you have ever been, and we have some easy ways to make it happen.

Dinner table thanks

After dinner commences the chatter and excitement make it difficult to find a quiet moment to get personal.

Have each person at the dinner table, beginning with the head of the household, give one thing they are thankful for. 

Allowing everyone to disclose an intimate part of themselves will make lasting memories. Then you can close in a toast.

Create a gratitude basket

Games make every family event more fun, and Thanksgiving Day is no different. 

The Spruce suggests having everyone put what they are grateful for on a piece of paper in a basket and then pass the basket around for each person to read someone else’s paper.

Have everyone guess who they think the answer belongs to. If the paper reads someone is grateful for their cherry red convertible, it probably wont be hard to figure out who wrote the gratitude note. 

Classic show and tell

Let each guest coming to Thanksgiving dinner know ahead of time that they should bring some item that denotes what they are grateful for, and then have them present it after dinner.

It could be a photo of the family, the song of your first dance at your wedding, or you child’s baby booties. 

Allow just a couple minutes for friends and family to show what they hold dear, and bask in the joy of the precious little things. 

Read the Thanksgiving story

There are a few different accounts of the Thanksgiving story, but they all involve settlers and being thankful for all they had overcome and all they have received, as Mommy Underground has previously reported.

Choose the narrative you would like to relay to share the Thanksgiving story and tell a little bit after each course of dinner, or before dinner begins. 

Props and theatrics always help, and don’t be afraid to get the kids involved, giving them lines and tasks throughout the story.

Sing a song of thanks

There are many songs available that highlight Thanksgiving Day, promote giving thanks, and poke fun at all the holiday stereotypes.

Set some aside to listen to with your dinner guests, making sure to let them know when the song pertains to them. 

Sing along with the songs that best reflect your feelings on Turkey day, and get the kids to join in. 

Remember the day 

Nothing solidifies a memory like playing the game of memory, and games are a great icebreaker. 

Have each person go around the table to state something they are grateful for like suggested earlier, but this time all previous gratitudes have to be said in addition to yours. 

Now you get to check the memory of all your older relatives without any awkward questions.

Try not to get caught up in making the perfect dish this Thanksgiving Day, and just focus on all the good you have around you. 

There is always something to be grateful for even in the worst of times, and sometimes all we need is a little laughter and a fun gratitude activity to gain perspective.

Please let us know in the comments section if you have a tradition to share what you are grateful for. 

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