A Culture of Death Leaves These Women To Grieve Alone

As we enter the month of November, we must remember all the stories of love and loss we heard during October’s Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.

Nearly every woman has been affected by the loss of a pregnancy or a child – whether it’s happened to them or someone they care about.

But there’s a type of loss that lies in the shadows, where many women must grieve alone, and the reason why is shocking.

As we continue to battle for the right to life for every human being, progressives continue to work to normalize abortion.

The fact that life begins at the moment of conception is inconceivable to them.  And the fact that a human being is killed in an abortion falls on deaf ears.

Because of their push to normalize abortion and label it as a woman’s “right,” life itself has become disposable in their eyes.  Radical leftists think a baby is a “clump of cells” or “tissue” rather than a living child.

And it’s for this reason that miscarriage during pregnancy has become a loss that many people don’t understand the depths of.

No matter when a pregnancy ends, the mother mourns the loss – the loss of the hopes and dreams they began to have for the child they carried; the loss of the anticipation of all that could have been.

But women who suffer a miscarriage in early pregnancy often do so without the support that comes if the pregnancy was further along or a child died right before or after birth.

The left preaches their abortion agenda, and it creates an idea that an unborn child is not a baby, but an “inconvenience” to be discarded.

Some women find that even family and friends can’t sympathize with their loss, especially if a child is lost in the early months of pregnancy when the majority of natural miscarriages occur.

Their baby bump had not yet made an appearance; they hadn’t purchased baby clothes or decorated the nursery; they may not have even told anyone yet that they were expecting.

But a child’s life ends with any miscarriage, and the mother must have support to grieve that loss – no matter how early on it occurs.

The bottom line is, if society recognizes that a child dies in a natural miscarriage, they must recognize that a child dies during an abortion.

And that’s something the progressive left will never recognize, much less admit.

They want to keep indoctrinating the younger generation into believing that a child in the womb is not a child.  That abortion is a healthcare issue or a woman’s “right.”

It is a child, and if a miscarriage is acknowledged as a baby’s death, so must an abortion.

Miscarriage has been called a “silent loss.”  Perhaps there is no body to bury, no service held – but that makes little difference to a grieving mother.  

And it is the silence that can be so damaging when a woman who miscarries needs support and help with healing.

Even doctors often don’t acknowledge the depths of the pain and emptiness a miscarriage causes.   It’s not just all the dreams and thoughts they had about their unborn child that are lost – it is an individual, unique human being.

And with the propaganda of “pro-choicers” and the abortion industry spreading unchecked, many people are at a loss for words of comfort for a woman who suffers a miscarriage.

The child was loved from the moment the mother learned she was pregnant.  That child, that unique life – not just the idea of the child, as the left likes to argue – is gone.

As we leave October behind, let us all be more aware of the need to support women who have suffered a miscarriage.  

It’s common; many of us have been there.  Many of us have suffered this loss alone, with no one understanding or even commenting because they are unsure of what to say.

We will not allow radical progressives to silence our insistence that miscarriage leads to the death of a child – just like abortion does.

And we must not allow women who suffer a miscarriage to feel they cannot speak out about their loss or ask for help simply because a false narrative has spread through society about what constitutes a life.

The left doesn’t want us to acknowledge that every miscarriage is a loss of human life, because they’d have to admit that every abortion causes a loss of human life.

Let us not forget about women who need support as they deal with pregnancy loss.  While awareness is higher in October, it should be at the forefront of our thoughts all year long.

Have you suffered a miscarriage and felt like you were grieving alone?  Leave us your thoughts.

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