A New Bill Protects Students And Teachers Against “Transgender” Madness

Photo by Eric Parker on Flickr.com


As LGBT madness spreads around the country giving “transgender” students access to whatever bathroom or locker room they want – one state is putting their foot down and saying enough.

While Biden may have opened up the door for more LGBT insanity by allowing “transgender” students to participate in sports or use whatever restroom they want – regardless of their biological gender – his mandates are not welcome in all areas of America.

In fact, legislators in this state introduced a bold bill which will actually protect students (for once) against LGBT activists and wait until you hear the details.

The bill was drafted in Tennessee and would allow students and teachers the freedom to refuse to share bathrooms and other facilities with “transgender” students.

If the school doesn’t provide “reasonable accommodations” – public schools can be sued.

Of course, pro-LGBT activists are outraged at the bill, especially at the thought of students being able to sue.

But welcome to the world those who believe in traditional values have been facing for years!

Teachers are losing their jobs if they dare speak out against the LGBT agenda, and businesses and schools ARE getting sued for not being LGBT-friendly enough.

The details of this Tennessee bill are so powerful, as for once it finally sticks up for the “underdog” – students who simply want to use the restroom without being forced to share it with someone who is of the opposite gender.

Leftists attempted to shut down the bill by claiming it is unfairly “targeting” LGBT students.

The Tennessean reported:

“Sen. Heidi Campbell, D-Nashville, said she talked to dozens of transgender people and their families. The bill, she said, is one of many targeting transgender students in Tennessee.

“There are human beings on the other side of these votes who will have to live with the fallout,” she said. “And I just ask us to consider: What harm are they causing us? Why are we trying to get into people’s bedrooms and doctors’ offices and bathrooms and families? Is that the role of government?”

What harm?!?

How about girls fearing being sexually attacked while in the restroom or locker room, or the humiliation they face being forced to change in front of members of the opposite sex.

Or ceasing to ignore the rights of an entire group of students who simply want to go to school and not get caught up in the leftist politics of the school district.

And let’s not forget about all the girls who will suffer in extracurricular activities now that boys are allowed to join the team – and win the college scholarships instead of them.

Worse, it was the highest level of government who insisted boys can participate in girls sports or use whatever bathroom they want.

But of course, when a piece of legislation passes that doesn’t benefit them – then they claim they want the government out of everyone’s lives.

Let’s hope more states follow in the footsteps of Tennessee and pass similar legislation – our students mental and physical safety depends on it!

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