Abortion “Doulas” Raise Funds For Abortion Books For Kids


Photo by Lubuto Library Partners on Flickr.com

Two pro-abort women who claim to be abortion “doulas” are determined to increase abortion…

… for young kids.

These women decided there aren’t any books helping young kids choose abortion – so they’ve launched the most repulsive Kickstarter campaign to do the unthinkable.

When a woman goes to the library to find a book on pregnancy – she’ll often look for books on how to manage her pregnancy or tips on being a new mom.

But these abortion “doulas” think that abortion is a “normal” part of pregnancy and should be included in the pregnancy section– so they decided to create a book aimed at teaching children all about abortion.

And to help kids learn about this barbaric act, they plan to raise enough funds to stack the libraries full of books to promote the murder of unborn babies.


The Kickstarter campaign even lists different levels for donors to be involved.

If someone donates $200 they are an “Abortion Hero.” If they give $500 they are an “Abortion Champion.”

And for those who donate $1,000 – they’re labeled the “Abortion Dream Team” and told their donation will help translate the book to different languages and even provide copies to abortion clinics.

To help gain attention, the campaign even features a picture of a young girl and a BABY reading the book together.

Truly, no words for such evil.

A video of the “doulas” show them smiling gleefully as they talk about their “gender inclusive” and “non-judgmental” book.

One has to wonder what would posses these women to be so focused on promoting abortions to children.

Here’s what they had to say.

Elizabeth Johnston reported:

“We believe in building a world for kids and adults where abortion is normalized as another outcome of pregnancy, just like miscarriage and birth. Having this book in the children’s section of libraries next to all of the books about pregnancy is one of the ways we hope to do that,” their Kickstarter campaign page reads.

“Abortion can be a difficult topic to broach among adults, let alone children,” it continues, as though the difficulty of discussing abortion is somehow in no way connected to the fact that the procedure dismembers a living unborn baby, something you would think that which any human being, particularly children, would find highly unsettling.”

It’s truly demonic to think it’s acceptable to place a book about abortion in the children’s section of a library to plant the idea that it’s okay to murder an unborn baby.

Killing an unborn baby isn’t “powerful” or something that should be “normalized.”

We are truly at a new low in our country when people are donating to causes aimed at helping children learn about abortion.

As if funding Planned Parenthood isn’t bad enough – pro-aborts show that they are willing to take their vicious campaign even to the library to attract young children.

While they’ve already raised over $23,000, let’s hope not another cent goes to fund this vile campaign.

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